Stop Watch

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StopWatch application for Sailfish OS.
This app allows users to do their every situation timings for instance when doing sports.


  • Interval timer with rest time option + pre/post timers
  • Countdown
  • Logbook for saved records
  • Live view for current and previous laps
  • 999 hours
  • Active calculation of the difference between consecutive laps
  • Control timer directly from application cover in real-time
  • Timer stays in sync while phone is in sleep mode.






Application versions: 
File harbour-stopwatch-1.3-1.armv7hl.rpm116.85 KB17/02/2014 - 00:43


  • Bug fixes
  • New features to interval timer; pre/post timers
  • UI enhancements


Goldy89's picture

Nice app! Could it have an option, for example in the pulley  menu, to allow the screen not to go off. Or allowing the screen to turn on automatically for fey seconds every now and then. It would be usefull to keep track of the time running. I don't know if it is possible though...

mikel83's picture

Thanks. Actually there's already implemented such a feature for the interval timer. Apparently it's not working properly so i need to make it better. For the next release i'll provide an option to prevent the display from blanking.


mr7's picture

v 1.3 Like this app a lot! very good with the loud beep in interval mode.
Think it should be one beep to mark start of pause and another beep to mark start of interval.
Beep should be activated by default.
It would be nice with possibility to set some different length of intervals for the same workout.
(for example 20 min warming, 40 min running, 15 min cooling down.)

mikel83's picture

Thanks for the comments and suggestions!

For the next version I'll implement these modifications/features.