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Shows Calendar summary on the lock screen abusing ambience wallpaper (and other
things) because there is no other way as lock screen does not support widgets,
is closed source and there is no usable API.
Patches welcome.

Note: This is a hack. If you want the real thing done properly, don't forget to vote here:

Note2: As openrepos can't find dependencies in other repositories, ImageMagick that is included here is taken from this repository:

Application versions: 
File calendarbience-0.1.6-1.armv7hl.rpm8.86 KB21/12/2014 - 14:34
File imagemagick-6.8.8-7.armv7hl.rpm1.58 MB19/12/2014 - 19:59

- Initial version


Schturman's picture

Nice, but can't show right-2-left language (hebrew), it show "?????? ??? ???".
Can you fix it?

boebbele's picture

Don't work anymore. :-(

I don't no why...

I only updated MeeRun Sports Tracker and the jolla Filebrowser.


boebbele's picture

Can I put the textblock 5 lines near to the top of Screen?

What I have to change in /usr/bin/calendarambience?

boebbele's picture

I can not see anything on my screen. But it the same with other lockscreen widgets (batterynotifier and battery statusbar on lockscreen). Can you help me?

Is there an conflict with meecast-lockscreen? I have installed meecast-lockscreen an this widget works.


EDIT: It works! I'm happy! Great App! Thank you very much!

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Works ok on Vaarainjärvi. Took a minute or so after install before the events showed up. I'd prefer a similar font as in SailfishOS and not "Times New Roman" :) The "and more" part goes underneath the clock so that could be fixed too.

okourkoulos's picture

Managed to uninstall.

Now, I re-installed, but when I changed ambience, calendar dissapeared and couldn't re-appear!

mihlit's picture

Unfortunatelly, that's because this is a hack as Jolla does not provides necessary means to do it better way. As is written in the description, this is an ambience, that means when you change an ambience, it will disappear.

The calendarbience reexecutes itself when you change something in the calendar, after midnight, after some event expired or every two hours. That's because too much checks would have negative effect on the battery.

I will probably add some user interface with configuration and reinitialization in the future.

cvp's picture

is not working on :(
over warehouse i cant install your app. i have to install manual imagemackig and python3-inotify , than the install eorks! but no entty on screen. reboot not help and i dont get any error messages :(

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That's odd, I've added ImageMagic yesterday to my repository. Everything is there so I don't know why warehouse was not able to find it. Maybe it had old repository data.

Please check what version do you have installed in warehouse. Is it 0.1.5 ? Older version could "do nothing" when you did not have regular ambience set.

What is your ambience? Is it some original one (the ones you got with the phone), did you install extra ambience or is it created form some picture?

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i try with Kaira Black and now with two different standard ambiance... i put one/two entrys in my calendar, but nothing to see :(

mihlit's picture

With "nothing to see" you mean there is nothing on the ambience wallpaper or that list of the events is empty? It prints nothing to see if there is no event planed for next 10 days.

Do you use standard native calendar or different source like google calendar or something?

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So I tested it with Kaira Black Ambiance and other standard themes. I have uninstalled it, reinstalled. Of course, I have for the next 3 days a test entry in the calendar entered. Of course used the default calendar.

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Thanks for this great app!

As I wrote in TJC I see some past events (2 days old, there are other ones in the calendar but are not so old) between a futur event tonight (top) and another one next Monday (bottom of the list).

Any plans to display other information like the wether's icon, IP adress etc? To be configurable by the user?

mihlit's picture

Could you post the example of events it shows you? Whole list, you can change/remove the text, just times and dates. Are the wrong events ordinary or repeating events?

It will be configurable like font, size, maximum number of lines,... maybe something more, but I don't plan to develop this app too far, as it's still a hack, not a propper aplication, because important parts of the Jolla phone are closed source and with no usable api. I hope that one day Jolla does the right thing.

Jordi's picture

You're right, the wrong events are repeating ones.

mihlit's picture

Great. Could you find out more details? When did they started? How often it repeats. When it should end (if set). Time it starts and ends. If reminder is set and how long in advance. Also what date it reports and what should be correct date. Thanks

Jordi's picture

These repeating events occur every month. The first occurence is more than one year old. The last occurence is more than one year in the futur.

So what I see right now is:


17.12 Event 1 (repeating one), duration 1 hour (in fact, the event occurs the 18.12)

17.12 Event 2 (Repeating one), duration 1 hour (in fact, the event occurs the 18.12)

22.12 Event 3

Now something else: if I remove event 1 and 2 (the whole serie), I only see event 3, no other event although there are a lot of other ones coming from the gmail account I use.

If I create a new event directly from the phone, I see it.

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Thanks, I was able to reproduce this. It should be fixed in next version (0.1.6). I will do just a little bit more testing and release it soon.

Google calendar is not supported (tested) as I don't use it. I will look at it in the future and if it's not too difficult, I will add that suppport too.

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Excellent! This new version works great, at least with regular events of Google calendar (not tested with repeating ones).

Many thanks.

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I managed to install, but no Greek letters/characters can be shown.

Want to uninstall for now, but do not know how!!!!!

Tried to uninstall everything but doesn't work for me.

Any suggestions? please?

mihlit's picture

I use not only ascii characters myself and it shows them correctly. Could you post some examples it can't show?


You can uninstall it the same way, you installed it. Be awere that this is no real application, it draws into ambience wallpaper, so after uninstall, you have to change your ambience. If there is still systemd hook running, reboot after uninstall will definitelly change that (together with changing of your ambience).

Markkyboy's picture

(Running SF

Not installing for me, I get this error message;

"Status: dep-resolution-failed

Extra details:

nothing provides python3-inotify needed by calendarbience......"

So, from your repo, I tried to install python3-inotify, but all I am offered is to 'Check for updates' - I assume it is already installed?, if its, I am still unable to install the main app, always the error I gave above.

I also got an error as ImageMagick was not installed either, so it seems the app has some dependencies on other apps.

mihlit's picture

There was some problem with python3-inotify, so I've removed it from repository and added it back, which fixed it. I also added ImageMagick, as warehouse can't find it in other repository. So right now, all dependencies should be fixed.

oku's picture

Did not work for me at least in update 10.

mihlit's picture

Did it print some error message or you mean that you installed it and nothing happened?