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A markdown note-taking application with ownCloud and WebDav synchronization.
Available for Meego Harmattan (Nokia n9, Nokia n950) and Sailfish OS.
The Sailfish version is no longer being supported by its original author khertan,  has been extended to fix some bugs and add features by flypig, and now lay dormant again, so I fixed some more bugs and added/enabled a bit of features

The source is available on GitHub released under the GPLv3.


  • (Auto-)Sync with ownCloud or other WebDav server.
  • Editor with markdown highlighting: title, bold, italics, links.
  • Files are stored as text, so can be directly edited in ownCloud or via a mounted WebDav folder.
  • Upload a note to KhtCms or Scriptogr.am
  • Categories
  • Display a note preview on the app cover.
Application versions: 
harbour-ownnotes-1.9.0-7.armv7hl.rpm1022.81 KB23/11/2016 - 11:02



naytsyrhc's picture

Unfortunately your version doesn't start on SFOS 2.1.0

[D] QPython::toPython:350 - XXWX Qt -> Python conversion not handled yet Segmentation fault

Any hints?

cy8aer's picture

Just a wish: It would be nice to have an option for defining the file extension, e.g. from .txt to .md. The Markdown Editor App recognizes .md files as Markdowns and renders them on the server side.

neubauten84's picture

Hi there!!

There is some problem..when I install your app and I open it it appears the flypig one v1.8.6...how is it possible??

mazimmer's picture

Hi neubauten84, I forgot about changing that information in my build. That's fixed now and the "wrong" package removed from the repo.

Functionally, it was the "right" package. Sorry for the confusion.