Hungarian keyboard with presage based prediction

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This is the same package as the Hungarian Keyboard with arrows, just it uses the Presage based text predictor for word suggestions.

Before installing makes sure that tmi's repositories are enabled since this package just provides modified configuration files for the arrowboard.

It could be useful on ported devices or if you are using non-official keyboard layouts. (The Jolla's Xt9 text predictor is a properitary and licensed solution from Nuance).


Application versions: 
arrowboard-hu-presage-1.0-0.1.noarch.rpm6.42 KB03/12/2017 - 19:40
arrowboard-hu-presage-1.0-0.2.noarch.rpm6.54 KB03/12/2017 - 20:16

- Changed layout filenames to not overwrite the arrowboard's files


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Nice! I added a link to this package in the description of the Hungarian Keyboard with arrows. 

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Thanks! I have just realized that it is broken now (I have just managed to install it on a virgin device, and the Presage misses a configuration file.)