Hungarian keyboard with presage based prediction

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This solution is going to be deprecated in the favour of the following packages mentioned here:

Before switching to the newer solution please follow the following instructions:

  • Deselect presage keyboards in Settings/Text input/Keyboards
  • uninstall in command line (pkcon or zypper) all presage packages. Use zypper se presage to see which packages are installed
  • Refresh repositories (pkcon refresh or zypper ref)
  • reboot
  • Enable sailfish_keyboard repository at OpenRepos
  • Install keyboard(s) of interest from list in the description of the maliit-plugin-presage



- Changed layout filenames to not overwrite the arrowboard's files


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This is a test.

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Nice! I added a link to this package in the description of the Hungarian Keyboard with arrows. 

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Thanks! I have just realized that it is broken now (I have just managed to install it on a virgin device, and the Presage misses a configuration file.)