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Calcurse is a text-based personal organizer which helps keep track of events
and everyday tasks. It has a calendar and a "todo" list, and puts your
appointments in order. The user interface is configurable, and you can choose
between different color schemes and layouts. All of the commands are
documented within an online help system.

  • hooks – run scripts when loading/saving data, e.g. to put your calendar data under version control
  • experimental CalDAV support – synchronize calcurse with your mobile devices!
  • support for various types of appointments and TODO items, including all-day events and recurring appointments
  • fast and customizable curses-based interface
  • powerful non-interactive command line interface that can be used by scripts
  • user-definable key bindings
  • fully user-configurable notification system (ability to send mails or anything else that could remind you of your upcoming appointments)
  • import capabilities with support for iCalendar format
  • export capabilities with support for iCalendar and pcal formats
  • ability to attach notes to each calendar element, and to edit them with your favorite text editor
  • support for internationalization with texts translated to English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian
  • UTF-8 support

Application versions: 
File calcurse-4.5.0-1.55.1.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm190.07 KB30/01/2020 - 13:25
File calcurse-4.5.0-1.55.1.jolla_.i486.rpm200.09 KB30/01/2020 - 13:25

- Update to 4.5.0:
Compatibility notes:
* The --conf command line option has been renamed to --confdir and the --directory option has been renamed to --datadir.
New features:
* Multiple days support
* Experimental vdir support: For details, refer to contrib/vdir/ in the calcurse source tree.
* Support for editing recurrence exceptions (implemented by Lars Henriksen).
New calcurse-caldav features:
* Custom data directory support (implemented by vxid).
* A new Troubleshooting section in the calcurse-caldav (added by Randy Ramos).
Bug fixes:
* Various fixes in the notification system (implemented by Lars Henriksen).
* Fix for a calendar redraw issue (implemented by Lars Henriksen).
* Fix a potential deadlock (implemented by Lars Henriksen).
* Use ICALDATETIMEFMT for EXDATE in iCal exports (implemented by Henrik Grimler).
* Fix for the compile-time AsciiDoc check (implemented by Brandon Munger).


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Is there any manual for dummies like me on how to set up CalDAV syncing? That would make it the first PIM with calendar and to-do's for sailfishOS, which is not too bad!