Nintendo 64 Emulator (mupen64plus)

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Mupen64plus is a cross-platform plugin based N64 emulator which is capable of accurately playing many games.


Application versions: 
File mupen64plus-2.5-1.10.1.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm1.54 MB02/06/2019 - 15:25
File mupen64plus-2.5-1.10.1.jolla_.i486.rpm1.64 MB02/06/2019 - 15:25

- added a GUI application to launch games
- updated plugins to latest upstream versions
- performance improvements
- more plugins (gles2n64)
- improvements to all video plugins (mostly proper rotation of contents)
- set gles2n64 as default plugin for phones
- improved the touch plugin (buttons don't magically disappear)
- update to support latest sailfishos version
- various other improvements

PLEASE DELETE ~/.config/mupen64plus/mupen64plus.cfg IF YOU HAVE RUN AN OLD VERSION BEFORE.


martinbook85's picture

This is a great app! Does anyone know if you can get it to work on the newest OS 4.3? It seems to have stopped working for me...

malibu's picture

Thanks a lot for the UI !
Just tried it on XA2, running quite smooth with gles2n64, just changed the core plugin R4300Emulator setting to 5 ( at random to try ). Have someone recommended settings ? 
Thanks again for the app !

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this is one of the best emulators that I play N64 games, download mupen64plus, and enjoy playing this type of retro games like the old times.

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I'm new to SFOS so I don't know how it works, but We got XA2 and XA2Plus in our household and both of them didn't have zypper. After 'pkcon install zypper' and 'zypper ref' I'm able to install. Thats great, thank you! If SFOS or at least 'X' edition doesn't come with zypper , maybe it's worth mentioning in app description however.

piggz's picture

Any chance of an x86 build? Ta!

psenicka's picture

Unable to install on XA2Plus with because of '' isn't provided. Save me, krnlyng! :)

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can you do pkcon refresh or zypper ref? it should install

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Hi !
Same problem, "the library isn't provided by any package."
Any idea to fix that ?
Thanks a lot.

krnlyng's picture

I've now rebuilt the package and did some minor rebasing.

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This app sounds very nice, but it fails to install on my phone (SFOS the library isn't provided by any package. Any idea how to fix that?

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i've updated the package and did some minor rebasing.

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i have updated mupen64plus. it is a significant improvement over the old version.

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hi krnlyng,thanks very much for port the app to jolla phone.but when i run the game "castlevania" with the videoPlugin "" for a while,the app crash.the console print a error "openGL Error:invalid enumerant fragment error"

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nice app but unfortunately is too hard to launch...

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Could the emulator be played with bt-keyboard?

krnlyng's picture

if it works with sdl then yes, you just need to set InputPlugin = ""

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Please add a GUI. This will not only make it way more user riendly but also things like "buttons are now transparent in every game" should be configurable (ofc. by GUI).

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i considered writing a GUI but sorry, i am busy with uni and other software projects which i deem more important, but if anyone wants to write a GUI, i will do my best to help :)

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GLideN64 works better than expected but not perfect... this is what i get: graphics are much better than with glide64mk2 but i am not sure if i can fix this bug. if someone more experienced with OpenGL(ES2) can help me, that would be much appreciated :)

EDIT: got it to work, see:

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i have managed to make the touch buttons transparent for every game, will be included in the next release!

EDIT: also GLideN64 seems to support GLES 2 now, i will see if that plugin works on the Jolla Phone and try to include it (currently the only working plugin on the Jolla Phone is glide64mk2 due to some adreno driver bugs and gles2n64 does not work, so i am not very confident that GLideN64 will work because it is based on gles2n64)

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List the games that can be played in jolla

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i cannot provide a full list (too much effort testing every game and i don't own every game) but here is a list which should be a good starting point:

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Changelog? :P

krnlyng's picture

hm i don't know why it disappeared... i will update it

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Great work ! Waiting for some improvements about controls, and why not a GUI !
But it's working very well, very smooth for me.

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can you create an app for this epic !!!!!

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I have updated mupen64plus to current upstream and made some changes regarding plugins and their settings, please review the changelog for more information. I hope now it will work better with devices other than the Jolla Phone.

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well it runs, but there isnt any controls, and the screen is portrait in the top left for less than half the screen. this is on a nexus 5. the sound is also choppy and the video is slightly laggy. this is running Mario Kart USA version

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Hm, i have only implemented special cases for the Jolla Phone, i'll have to see what i do about other phones...
but i can at least provide you with a solution for the input issue and rotate issue:

1) Edit ~/.config/mupen64plus.cfg and search for InputPlugin in the UI-Console section, set it to: "" this is my implementation of a SDL touch input plugin, the default plugin only supports SDL controllers (connected via usb and such).

2) You can try to use another video plugin, just set the VideoPlugin option to: "". If there are still rotation issues play with the Rotate option in the Video-General section in the same file, you should get it to be fully working. Maybe you will also need to adjust the aspect setting in the Video-Glide64mk2 section. 

I will set the SDL touch plugin as the default input plugin for all devices in future versions. I have to see what i can do about the rotate issue... probably have to include special cases for every phone/graphic chip which is supported by Sailfish OS.

Have fun!