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This is SailfishOS port of fheroes2 which is a recreation of the Heroes of Might and Magic II game engine.

Game info
„This open source multiplatform project, written from scratch, is designed to reproduce the original game with significant improvements in gameplay, graphics and logic (including support for high-resolution graphics, improved AI, numerous fixes and user interface improvements), breathing new life into one of the most addictive turn-based strategy games.” ~fheroes2 developers

How to play
1. Buy a Heroes of Might and Magic II game e.g. on gog.com
2. Install on your PC
3. Copy Anim, Data, Maps and Music directories from orginal game to `~/.local/share/fheroes2` on your phone
4. Run a game, and follow instructions.

Sailfish experience
On my xperia XA2, game run with something like 24fps. I played with resolution set to 800x600 (more fps and bigger interface).

My github: https://github.com/Kormil/fheroes2
Original fheroes2: https://github.com/ihhub/fheroes2







Application versions: 
File fheroes2- MB22/11/2022 - 20:41
File fheroes2- MB22/11/2022 - 20:41
File fheroes2- MB22/11/2022 - 20:41



archon's picture

Thank you for this great port. Is it possible to change the screen orientation without recompilation? Works fine on xperia 10 II but in case of the gemini the screen is upside down.