ownNotes for SailfishOS

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A markdown notes taking application with ownCloud/WebDav synchronization.
ownNotes is available for Meego Harmattan (Nokia n9, Nokia n950) and Sailfish OS. A Linux desktop version is currently in development.

Sources : Git Repository
Bug Tracker : Bug Tracker


  • Sync with ownCloud or other webdav server
  • Highlight some part of markdown syntax while editing : Title, bold, italics, link
  • File are stored as text file, so you can directly edit them in ownCloud or via a mounted webdav point and a text editor.
  • Upload a note to KhtCms or Scriptogr.am
  • Categories
  • Search
  • Available for multiple plateform : Sailfish OS, Harmattan, or Linux Desktop (still in alpha : package not available)

No more available for Sailfish OS