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A nice looking Bitcoin Client for MeeGo, SailfishOS, NemoMobile, and Harmattan. BitPurse allow you to manage your bitcoin address, view your balance, and emit transaction directly from your mobile device.

No Blockchain Download The app uses api saving valuable space and bandwidth.

Double Encryption Your main wallet password will be saved on your phone however you can optionally set a second password required before you can make payments. This means even if your phone gets stolen your funds will still be safe!

Secure, your wallet is never stored on your phone.

100% Free and Open source

Use open source technology Python, PySide, Qt, PyCrypto, PyPackager, Git, Python ECDSA module, and Python PBKDF2 module . The source can be found on my github repository and are licenced under GPLv3



Application versions: 
File bitpurse_2.1.0-1_armel.deb1.42 MB04/03/2014 - 23:43
File bitpurse_2.1.2-1_all.deb1.42 MB30/12/2015 - 16:43

Fix for fixing issue emitting a transaction due to Blockchain API change.


Breeze5's picture

Why can't i install it?

Uninstalled because i wanted to change BitPurse password.

Now it won't install. It wants to download more data and it fails everytime.

Khertan's picture

You probably have a repository that isn 't available anymore. Blocking the apt-get update process.


ladoga's picture

When a BIP 0024 URL (see below) is copied over to the address field, the leading number of bitcoin address is cut


Khertan's picture

I ll restore my n9 and try it ... thx for the report

joruss's picture

How about for support for other popular currencies? Would it be possible?

pagis's picture

Thanks, is there any binary for SailfishOS?

Khertan's picture


Sorry but no this require a port. I ve started it, but with all hardware problems I got with my device, and the low confidence I ve in Jolla about openess and their marketing convince me to not devel anymore anything for that plateform.

Hoseync's picture

thanks dear developers, please release social app like viber line nimbuzz and ...
like Windowsphone

Khertan's picture

Sorry, I will not create app to promote proprietary protocol and which connect to third party server which will leak private informations... please use open protocol like xmpp for example

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This app has one of the most innovative and beautiful splashscreens I have ever seen. Very clever.

Of course its a top notch app. Eveything works.