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MicroEmulator is a Java ME emulator baced on pure J2SE. And KarinME is front-end GUI booter with QML.

The package includes JRE (version is 1.7.0 update60 softfloat), MicroEmulator (version is 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT-114), two skins (240x320 640x360 all form N900) and front-end booter. You can choose your JRE in your system, and you can boot MicroEmulator with your skins.

Support Nokia and Siemens API.

And MicroEmulator has some changes, remove menu bar and move to right, add fullscreen button to make screen to 800x480, and auto run with fullscreen. If you make your own MicroEmulator skin, skin size should be less than 800 x 480.

NOTE: Can not input anything without keyboard, and MicroEmulator is fake-dead when to input in J2ME application. So you should play some J2ME games with it.

Application versions: 
File karinme_0.3.1harmattan53.0.0snapshot.114_armel.deb34.52 MB02/06/2015 - 15:53

karinme (0.3.1harmattan5+3.0.0snapshot.114) unstable; urgency=low

* Remove fullscreen with wmctrl.
* Change MicroEmulator version is SNAPSHOT 114.
* Remove menu bar, and move to right.
* MicroEmulator run with fullscreen, and max size is 800x480 in Harmattan.
* Fixed file size show exception.


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Please port it to Jolla device(Sailfish)

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What kind of nokia or siemens jars are supported? What resolution? How to choose?

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very nice , some of jar application work , not all , but very cool ; thank u