Patch: Launcher background transparency

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This patch sets launchers background opacity to 0.6.

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- Use Theme.highlightDimmerColor as a launcher background color instead of black. This way background color follows ambience colors.


jobe's picture

I really like this patch but it does not apply on top of So I have manually patched both files and it works. In my opinion opacity 0.8 looks even better ;)

Taran's picture

not working for me even after manually installing , how did u do ?

renzoarm's picture

how you manually installed it?

matemana1991's picture

extract it find patch file open it and just replace lines which are red with green lines in files which paths are included in that file.

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Please don't forget the Launcher folders! ;) They're still in black.

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I'm quite busy at the moment, but I will try to fix this as soon as I have more time.

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I don't agree with transparency because the launcher can be opened on top of everything and it can make ugly scenes behind. I will be OK with a background like what events screen have.

But I like the idea of using Theme.highlightDimmerColor and changed the QML file manually.