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Gopherette is an alpha Gopher-space browser for your SailfishOS-powered phone. It is distributed under the GPL-3 licence.

It features the following functions:

  • Bookmarks
  • Page reflowing for portrait mode
  • Lynx-style page display in landscape mode
  • History navigation
  • Displaying pictures
  • Using full-text search pages
  • Providing details for (yet) unsupported selectors
  • Opens WWW links in the navigator
  • Phone orientation lock

The reflowing algorithm is far from perfect but it tries to detect ASCII-art, titles and lists. At any moment, the phone can be put in landscape orientation to get a character-perfect view for pages that limit themselves to 80 characters long lines.



Application versions: 
File harbour-gopherette-0.3-2.armv7hl.rpm71.8 KB26/03/2018 - 01:32

- Fixed DB versionning problems


paolomi's picture

Thanks for gopherette! By the way, if could add gemini protocol too, it would be great! Thanks a lot :)

jfarnaud's picture

For some reason I discovered this protocol a few days ago and now I’m adding support for it, stay tuned!

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Come on people, we (devs) code in our free time. We don't get any money from it (except those couple of euros from donations which is nothing). Don't expect that we create apps that only you like, we code them because we need them for some reason and let others profit from it.

itdoesntmatt's picture

Absurd, someone giving 1 star and ranting just cause he doesnt use a service...move your ass and learn to code. Rant is not a programming language. I dont use this service but Thanks to the author for the effort

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You devs should spent your time coding more useful apps than just this kind of crapware. No intention to ofend you, just to say that sailfish os lack so many apps, like a good picture editor or even a decent video player with a wide range of codecs support, and new apps ariving here are always clients for sites and that kind of stuff we can do same way over the browser...

pisarz1958's picture

You should spend time learning how to fucking code instead of rating something as 1/5 simply because you don't use a certain service or something. No intention to offend you, you're just a crap person.