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This can be used together with Nextcloud Phonetrack App to track your Phone / record a route LIVE! It is even useful for every Server that supports the osmand logging format, such as Traccar does.


LiveTrack is an Sailfish application for continuous logging of location coordinates, designed to record hiking, biking tracks and other outdoor activities. Track points are uploaded at chosen intervals to dedicated server in real time. This client works with Nextcloud Phonetrack Extension , Traccar, and everything that supports the Osmand Get Api . Together they make a complete self owned and controlled client–server solution.

Features: simple and small ; low memory and battery impact; uses GPS based location data; synchronizes location with web server in real time, in case of problems keeps retrying (to send); configurable tracking settings such as send interval. Howto: Set up Backend, get Logging URL, and enter it to Serverurl in Settings. It will get automatically cut to the right format.

For Phonetrack Application you can enter self choosen ID in Textfield below.

After you're done with tracking you may have some points in "to send". You can flush them by pressing the X Button as long as they get 0. It's my first app, so don't be that mad, because it's so bad :D I hope it's somewhat useful for you, i did it for tracking bike routes and roadtrips and it works quite nice now, so I'll just drop it here :)

Sourcecode is on Github, feel free to help :)

Icon made by Greg Goncharov (@gregguh)

Application versions: 
File harbour-livetrack-0.10-0.aarch64.rpm54.32 KB22/11/2021 - 18:24
File harbour-livetrack-0.10-0.armv7hl.rpm53.56 KB22/11/2021 - 18:24
File harbour-livetrack-0.10-0.i486.rpm54.89 KB22/11/2021 - 18:24

-recompile for Sailfish 4.3 and up

-added Traccar / Osmand compatibilty (Checkbox in Settings) as defined by Traccar ?id= instead of /id=

-fixed Timer Setting

-fixed waiting for GPS accuracy to be good enough (at least 120 meters)


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Thanks for a great app!

Only issue is that settings page keeps forgettin/resetting the server url value. I need to put it manually to config file in order to get it working.

I'm using 0.10-0 release on xperia 10 III.

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Thx too, i can now use my traccar server on my phone!

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Running a self-hosted traccar server I have trouble to receive the data. The osmand protocol implemented by traccar takes the id not as part of the url (i.e. before the "?") but as part of the submitted data (id=xxxx). Looks like phonetrack's implementation is not completely compliant with the osmand protocol (or maybe traccar is the culprit). For the time being the claim of compatibility should be removed from the description, took me quite a while to figure this out today.

Also, the app collects datapoints before it has a GPS fix, is this the intended behaviour? I am on 0.9-2 SFOS

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Should be fixed now with 0.10.0

See checkbox in Settings.

Thx for pointing me to the GPS fix issue, it is now fixed, too

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It really is different than the "osmand" link that is issued by Phonetrack.. interesting

I'm trying to add a dropdown button to change between the two versions.

Datapoints should only be collected if GPS issues a good enough accuracy as long as the Debug Button is not used.

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Working perfectly now, you made my day! I was just about to look into the source code to use my very limited coding skills to implement a workaround, but voila, there is an update and everything is fixed already, thanks!

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That was really quick, glad you liked it!

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Always forget jolla store

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And ... I cant download older version with openrepos.
Please could you upload the previous release


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sorry i only support the latest Sailfish OS Release because QT Positioning API is a bit unstable across different version.

I removed old versions of this app because Storeman tends to install old versions rather than the latest ones sadly..

You can get old releases in Github here which should work fine.:

Version 8.x should support Sailfish 3.x just fine

Btw.. this App is in Jolla Store, too. And today there is still the old version uploaded there ;)

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Just a little warning the new app can be install with 3.4 but totally unusable ( only white screen) other package seems use a requirement to dont have to be update

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Hi, just discovered this and love it!
I have made some adjustments to the UI if you're interested.
However it seems the latest code on githubb doesn't match up with what's in the latest package. Any particular reason for this?

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sorry i did not see your comment...

I'm thankfull for every Pull Request on Github and i'll have a look at the source there now


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Same for  me, missed your answer.

Pull requests coming up! :)

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Many thanks for your PRs :)

I really like the new front page.

I merged all of them, new version comming soon :)

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Hi there jayki

Thank you for your app. I have a question on how to sync data with nextcloud's phonetrack. I've installed phonetrack on my nextcloud instance. Now in livetrack's setting I have in settings this:

Serverurl: https://my.url.local/trackme/

ID: 2711/jolla

Update location ievery x secodns: 1


What do I enter in Server url if my nextcloud's url is: ?

What do I enter under ID?


Also I must enter these settings before I start tracking right?


Looking at: It says I must get log url not sure where do I get it do I have to configure also something on nextcloud phonetrack's side?

Thak you so much for your effort!

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Hi ;)

you can get the required URL from Nextcloud Website.

Go to Phonetrack App on Nextcloud,

Click "create new session", give it a name and create it.

After you see this session in the left sidebar.

Then click in the Session on the middle Button with the two "Paper clips?"

It will expand and tell you some Links. You will need the HTTP-GET Link from there.

You will have somethink like :

just cut it before yourname as in the description.

You will end up with somethink like:

dont forget the ending /.


In ID enter the Name you want to use.. e.g. greatneon or something else.. you can use whatever you want here but please don't use any special characters. Even using "/" is critical.. this was a bad default.. i'll change this in next release.

The ID will be the Name you see in Nextclouds Phonetrack App.

I'll add a screenshot on github showing it.. it's hard to add screenshot here.



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Thank you for detailed explanation! Very much appreciated!

P.S. I tried today but not sure how of ter does data gets send to nextclouds's phonetrack? On SailfishOS I had:

Send ok 0

To send 68

Ignored 0

Timer interval 10 sec

I was on mobile data and I had a good gps signal...

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Great app!

Just a tiny comment regarding ID field - I kept default value (number/jolla) and it was not working because of '/' (URL was then wrong). So it might be a good idea to suggest some good value for the ID.

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Thank you :)

-> I'll change the default value, you're absolutly right with that.

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Can I run from.cli ? Some advice how to start this as a service ?

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you can run it from cli with command "LiveTrack" but it's a Gui application with mainly QML Code, so it needs to be run as real Application. It can't be run only in CLI, it'll always need to open the qml components to work, so running as service is not possible and not intended.

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Could it possible to do NOT send the points, even a connection is active? And then send it, if hitting the stop button. I would like this for battery drain an network saving.

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This should be possible, will keep it on my todo list and implement it if i have more time..

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This is the first native tracking app that I got working, thank you very much! I'd like to use it as tracker for my home-assistant install. Right now I got PhoneTrack working. 

Downside is the battey useage. My battery on the xperia X can't last the day sending every 2 minutes my position. In the app I see that the GPS is queried every couple of seconds. If I can request a new feature: make the GPS query frequency also a user setting.

Storeman says I installed 0.6.5, but the about section of the app says 0.6.4.

Thank you for developing this app!

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"Storeman says I installed 0.6.5, but the about section of the app says 0.6.4."

It's like that to me too

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Sorry i missed updating it in the app.. Will do it on next release ;)


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Tried it while cycling. But it didn't save anything :(

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Which backend did you use?


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I don't know. I just wanted to save my track as a GPX file