GPRS Data Usage

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This application shows the current GPRS data usage in it's icon on the Launcher screen.

You can select between the home network or the roaming network data to be shown. Also it can show how much data is left if you have a bandwidth limitation. You can automatically reset the counter every month on a specific day or set it manually to a certain value.



Application versions: 
File gprs-data-usage_0.3.8_armel.deb140.05 KB28/08/2014 - 21:35

gprs-data-usage (0.3.8) unstable; urgency=low * Bug fix


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Hi Can we have this app for Sailfish Operating System.

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I used to open the dialer and call *777*3# everytime I wanted to check my AT&T data balance, but no more now that I have this app. The widget icon is great, lets me keep an eye on my remaining data at a glance. Many thanks to the dev!

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is it possible to do so would be counter is reset every day?

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very nice!!!! thsnks a lot!

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Excelente aplicacion, muy bien detallada y automatica en su conteo.. Muy buena gran uso de los datos de consumo seigue asi. Gracias saludos


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very good. thanks.