Organiser Feed

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Organiser Feed pushes your calendar entries directly into the event feed of your homescreen. This app have no icon to run. Settings can be accessed via Settings -> Notifications -> Event Feed.

Features include:

  • Configurable look-ahead time and maximum events per calendar
  • One entry per event (click to open event in organizer requires PR 1.1)
  • Live updates: Events are pushed to the homescreen as soon as they are added
  • Icons with day included or plain style

This app is developed by Philip Lorenz

Organiser Feed TMO tread is there

Application versions: 
File organiserfeed_1.1.80_armel.deb176.62 KB31/07/2014 - 13:54

organiserfeed (1.1.80) unstable; urgency=low * Support two new formatters: single entry aggregation and category aggregation * Support uncompleted to-dos * Improve string length calculation to minimise the impact of string truncation


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can anyone copile PT-Br translation, please? Tkz!