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As of May 30, 2022, Google will no longer support third-party applications
Because of this, the software no longer works



Unaffical Hangouts Massenger For Meego OS

نسخه غیر رسمی مسنجر گوگل برای میگو 

lastest version 0.0.2


"Important!!please rade more!!"


  • if after set account with message "incorect password" with browser sign in gmail and turn on Access for less secure apps 
  • you can able do  with this link turn on Access for less secure apps
  • If you have a problem with the show emoji.please install harmoji
  • after install this plugin reboot device

"Important!! for update plugin 0.0.1 to 0.0.2

  • remove Hangouts account from N9 device
  • remove older 0.0.1 hangouts plugin from N9 device
  • install new version 0.0.2 hangouts plugin and reboot device
  • add account to plugin again


With thanks for your attention

you can send feedback for my project

----------meego is still alive----------

Application versions: 
File Hangouts-Plugin_0.0.1_armel.deb11.41 KB07/01/2020 - 11:40
File Hangouts-Plugin_0.0.2_armel.deb29.81 KB26/04/2019 - 04:14


update 0.0.2 

  • no need install extraplugin app
  • Voice call feature(only worked N9 to N9)
  • Easy and fast sign in,no need reboot device after set account
  • Proprietary UI 
  • stable login and send and Receive mesaage


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Al hacer la actualización 0.0.2 ya no puedo conectarme.

Borre la cuenta Jabber, desinstalar hangouts, reiniciar, activar la cuenta Jabber, instalar hangouts .0.0.2

(En Jabber / XMPP)

* Nombre a mostrar


* Cuenta JDI

* Contraseña


* Servidor de conexión

* Puerto de conexión


(En Hangouts)

* Ususario



* Conectar

Que estoy haciendo ma l?


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remove hangouts account via plugin

Remove plugin 0.0.1 and reboot device

Install 0.0.2 hangouts plug in and reboot device

Now you can see hangouts logo add now add Gmail I'd and password in hangouts plugin again

Very sample


iocaa77's picture

Muchas gracias, "funciono" aunque aún tengo problemas para recibir mensajes tanto de Hangouts como de SMS, ya he borrado historial de mensajes en mi cuenta de gmail, mejoro pero no del todo, tal vez sea la compatibilidad ya que es viejo mi Nokia N9.

Saludos, que tengas un feliz año 2020

hamed_republic's picture

Please state your problem with hangouts clearly so that I can fix it

Merry Christmas

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Cuando un contacto me envía mensaje, aparece la notificación de mensaje recibido, al abrir no hay nada, sucede con mensajes SMS y de hangouts, no en todos solo en algunos, también si envío un mensaje SMS o hangouts a mis contactos, reciben la notificación de mensaje pero al abrir o desplegar no aparece nada.

No en todos, solo en algunos contactos. 


smartblu9's picture

It works in 2019 , shocking ! Thanks !!!

anhel's picture

Thanks for your great work!

But same for me. When I click on Hangouts Google Account, I see Jabber/XMPP settings. It dont't look like on the screenshots. Something went wrong?

hamed_republic's picture

hi .this screenshot for 1.0.1 version. and not  is ready to use.

no problem this version use jabber and xmpp interface for login

yove's picture

I installed extraplugins, I go into accounts and try to login, but when I press the hangouts button I get some-or-other Jabber login. Any idea how to fix this. By the way I installed it manually.

hamed_republic's picture


hi my freand

.this screenshot for 1.0.1hangouts version. and not  is ready to use.(some bug)

no problem this version use jabber and xmpp interface for login. You must enter gmail and password and reboot devise


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Could I use another mail account or does it have to be gmail? I entered in jabber my google account name, my password and my icloud email. So I've made an account with jabber, what do I do now to get into hangouts?

hamed_republic's picture

you need only inter gmail account and password. and reboot device

yove's picture

By gmail do you just mean my google account, or MUST it be gmail?

hamed_republic's picture

you need inter full gmail acount (

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Dear Hamed_republic,
do you plan any further development of the plugin? Any chance to add attachements functionality so that you could add to a chat either photo from files or directly from camera? Thanks anyway for great work you've done so far! I think your plugin can be the last chance of staying connected in IM after MS would cut off Skype in 2017...

Best regards

hamed_republic's picture

hi dear sylwek

google closed video call and send and receive picture via xmpp server(Access for less secure apps) of February 23, 2015

this plugin has the potential to video call and receive pictiure


I try to stay active this plugin after 2017





Thank you for your attention

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Don't start.

hamed_republic's picture

you need frist install extraplugin app!
please rade more

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Hello sir thank you very much for the hangouts plugin, i successfully follow the step and was able to login, my google voice is configured to also recieve sms in my hangouts but i try to send a text message to my number hopping it will come to my n9 through this hangout plugin chat but it's didn't come through,only gmail contact chat is working, do you have any clue or work around on recieving sms?


hamed_republic's picture

hello my freand

just chat working plugin to gmail contacts At this moment 

Afterwards im going to expanded this plugin

cabiludo's picture

still does not work. not connected "network error"

hamed_republic's picture


Follow these steps


remove account this plugins

open browser go to this link inter gmail account access for less secure apps set turn on

set account to plugin again

reboot device


faorgt's picture

Video Call? Future plans?

hamed_republic's picture

just chat working plugin At this moment 

Afterwards im going to expanded this plugin

cabiludo's picture

Perfect. Now it worked! Thank you and Congratulations

cabiludo's picture

does not install. whenever I open warehouse the install button is available but does not work.

hamed_republic's picture

im upload again this application

if you have  problem you can visit  and download manual application

DameCENO's picture

Sailfish verion?

hamed_republic's picture

This plugin created only for meego os