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Quickbar enables access to the most recently used apps directly from the lockscreen and the task switcher.

Launch your favourite app in seconds!

See debota-utilities rpm package below.

In order to install, you are required to enable installations from third-party source.

Download link below, sources are here (github)

Feel free to post comments to https://together.jolla.com/question/47944/quickbar-discussion-support-thread/

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NOTE : Donating from Quickbar directly is not straightforward (most likely due to a browser issue):

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Quickbar gives access to the most recently launched apps from lock screen as well as the task switcher in SF 2.0

To run:

  • tap Quickbar icon, configure settings and hide settings window.
  • Quickbar app will display once you click on the status bar of either lockscreen OR task switcher

To uninstall:

  • use basic uninstall from the home screen, no special action needed

If you want to Support us, use the links above - and thanks! :)


If you do not uninstall the harbour vesion first, SailfishOS will automatically re-sync to it once the installation is done!

We are working to improve QuickBar's usability constantly. Suggestions are welcomed.

Application versions: 
File harbour-debota-0.36-145.armv7hl.rpm122.67 KB27/09/2015 - 21:39
File debota-utilities-0.4-12.armv7hl.rpm2.98 KB12/11/2016 - 22:19
File harbour-debota-0.65-199.armv7hl.rpm125.93 KB02/04/2017 - 09:12
File harbour-debota-0.70-209.armv7hl.rpm127.09 KB02/03/2018 - 01:17
File harbour-debota-0.80-222.i486.rpm149.1 KB03/04/2018 - 21:02
File harbour-debota-0.90-234.i486.rpm143.52 KB19/06/2018 - 00:19
File harbour-debota-0.90-234.armv7hl.rpm135.13 KB19/06/2018 - 00:19
File harbour-debota-0.91-235.armv7hl.rpm140.13 KB19/03/2019 - 01:00
File harbour-debota-0.93-238.armv7hl.rpm139.4 KB29/03/2019 - 00:23
File harbour-debota-0.93-238.i486.rpm148.24 KB29/03/2019 - 00:23
File harbour-debota-0.95-242.armv7hl.rpm137.19 KB22/02/2020 - 00:48

*DEBUG BUILD : 0.95.242 (salamaisku)
- fix qml in search dialog

*DEBUG BUILD : 0.95.241 (salamaisku)
- compatibility with HW keyboards for search dialog

*DEBUG BUILD : 0.95.240 (salamaisku)
- compatibility with HW keyboards for search dialog

*Bugfix release 0.91.235 (keväkuume)
 - Compatibility fix on Oulanka

*New in version 0.90.234 (kesäkuume)
  - !NEW! Added search functionality for apps finding
  - fixed bugs in android launcher (side-invoked apps were not properly recognized)

*New in verison 0.80.222 (kevätuuli)

  - Build for i486 (tablets & co)

*New in version 0.70-209 (pakkaste)

  • fixed detection of service invocations
  • new settings page
  • improved ui

*New in version 0.65-199 (keväthiiri)

  • compatibility release for Qt 5.6 (requires SFOS >= 2.1.0)
  • minor stability fixes

*New in version 0.63-194 (räntä)

  • minor release, trying a final fix on the display on events (calendar, call, etc); now quickbar should not display.
  • fixed lockscreen bug (hanging)
  • fixed app not showing when pressing status bar in task switcher

*New in version 0.61-187 (phoenix, patchrelease "ega")
- fixed compatibility with previous OS versions (previous than 2.0.1, included )

*New in version 0.6-185 (phoenix)
- fixed input issues (finally!)
- rewrote qml code, now things are cleaner (and more maintainable)
- added shortcuts bar on top of quickbar for easy switching (swiping still available)
- added necessary things to make autostart available
- minor tids & quirks here and there

*New in version 0.5-163 (odyssey, patchrelease Circe)

- background is transparent now :)
- fixed transition / mouse sensitive bugs
- few corrections to settings screen

*New in version 0.5-161 (odyssey)

- SFOS 2.0 adaptation; which means:
  * Back to the roots : Horizontal quickbar accessible by click on status bar (currently in lockscreen / task switcher only)
  * Quicklaunch mode : last (from quickbar) started application gets launched automatically unpon unlocking the phone (i.e. when you press shoulder button to put screen on) TEST, see notes above, WIP

*New in version 0.28.96 (hiiri)

*New in version 0.16-75 (rautatie)
- First attempt at more detailed integration
  NOTE : Still buggy, in case your Quickbar disappears on the lockscreen, unlock (aka close lockscreen) and it should reappear the nex time you go to lockscreen
- Support for LPM mode :)

*New in version 0.15-69 (saari patch-fix)

- Fixed swipe option for real
- Now app stops upon uninstall

*New in version 0.14-68 (saari)

Saari was supposed to be a patch fix for merenranta, instead it ended up including a new feature

(device lock support), hence it got upgraded to stand-alone release.

  1. Device lock mode supported!
  2. Tentative (optimistic) fix for random crashs
  3. Linked swipe/non swipe checkbox "checked" properties (missing)

*New in version 0.12-43 (merenranta)

  1. Added Settings window
  2. Moved close button and support button to Settings window
  3. Added feature for launching by swiping (switchable from Settings window)
  4. Fixed visibility of QuickBar on incoming call / sms / alarm

*New in version 0.10-30 (heinaallergia)

  1. Switched ads off, enabled donations button. If you like this app, and want to support us, DONATE! :)
  2. Added close button
  3. Max length of history of apps is 7 now
  4. Special thanks to Moth for the amazing art work on icon & support icon!

*New in version 0.9-22

  1. Added empty history placeholder
  2. fixed swiping on lockscreen
  3. fixed ads loading motor
  4. diminished visibility time of ads
  5. diminished showings of ads
  6. Updated description of ads to be more specific
  7. Proper uninstall scripts
  8. new icon thanks to Moth!

*First version (beta)

Known issues:

See  https://together.jolla.com/question/47944/quickbar-discussion-support-th... on tjc (registration required)


GiuliettaSW's picture

Hey, this feature has been released in the latest version. Feel free to use it and also to give feedback / support us if you like the feature! :)

GiuliettaSW's picture

Good point about the name of the app!
Thank you for the screen shot; you mean the whole quickbar won't launch anymore
once it crashes? Not even if you reboot the tablet?


Termitebug's picture

As I mentioned before the Quickbar settings page only (qml) crashes (behind app icon) and will not launch or show up again. App cover circles around a while and disappear. The lockscreen quickbar itself stays up and running. And no, reboot does not help. Only remedy is by doing a reinstall.

I'm running SFOS version on my Tablet

TamarindoJuice's picture


olf's picture

Works fine under SailfishOS 2.1.0, but does not support landscape orientation (and its colour scheme is quite ... colourful).  Thus QuickBar is not (yet) for me, altough being a nice and useful utility.

GiuliettaSW's picture

Hey and thanks for your comment! :)

About the color scheme, to better understand,

would  something more monochrome, perhaps in tune with the ambience, be a better solution?

About the landscape mode, are you referring to the home screen ?

objectifnul's picture

v0.60-185 under Taalojärvi on Jolla phone: couldn't try it. Freezes immediately, must reboot.

GiuliettaSW's picture


Has been mentioned on the page and will see what can be done!

gsalone's picture

Even after reboot it gets stuck on setting page, cannot click any button, cannot swipe in any direction, only wayout is shutting down device with power button. A Sailfish release dependency is needed so that latest version cannot be installed in Jolla 1.

As far as Jolla C is concerned, main problem is that it doesn't remember which shortcut I chose last time, so it always opens the latest links shortcut and not the favorites one.

GiuliettaSW's picture

Thanks, mentioned in the page & will see what can be done about it.

gedeon's picture

Why can't see the original Maps app on the bar?

GiuliettaSW's picture

The maps app seems to be visible (see the screenshots above); or you mean a different app?

gedeon's picture

No, not different. Really I see among the screenshots, but for me not visible. Before this update the jolla store writes to me there is an update for this app, and I updated. But later I saw that not newer version, but worked on right side with transparent background. I used it for few days and now refresh that for this version, I have seen everything works fine but I havent seen the original jolla maps app. I uninstalled this version and reinstall, but this problem even now persists. Have you any idea how can I repair this prob.? (I try maybe yet to uninstall this new version after install the old one and uninstall that and finally install again the new one, if only... edited: I tried what I wrote but so it does not work. Any other idea perhaps?)

GiuliettaSW's picture

This seems to be a bug. We are working on it and it will be fixed for the next release (available in the next few days probably)

gedeon's picture

great ;)

gedeon's picture

Very great and functional again! Thanks. But I think if you can make it to nicer (design), everybody will be happier! :)

For example fancier basic icons and the bar background adapting to the lock/home screen colors and will be a little bit transparent. "I think a lot thrown into the user experience." :P

GiuliettaSW's picture

Thanks for the comment!
Actually the background color is the same as the ambience colors; so changing ambience will adapt it as well.

As for the transparency, that is definitely something we'd like to have, but apparently it seems difficult to put it in practice :). We are however trying to work it out, so we hope to be able to give something in the next release!

gedeon's picture

The new version became very nice! ;) Thank you so much!

gedeon's picture


Ok, thank you so much and I look forward to the next version! I hope (oh... how can they say?) that will be eye candy! :)


eson's picture

Thanks for LPM support! Works fine!  :)
Why doesn't Jolla native messenger app show on Quickbar? Is it a bug or by design? It would also be great if one could pin a few apps to Quickbar.

GiuliettaSW's picture

Thanks! It is a feature which will be added soon (support for dbus service apps)


saberaltria's picture

This Application is great ! But could you make it looks more native ? Thz !

GiuliettaSW's picture

PS: is there other aspects besides the integration side (look and feel) you would like to see improved?

eson's picture


Could you make it NOT show on screen when in low-power-mode? Quickbar dont work in low-power-mode anyway.



GiuliettaSW's picture


thanks for the feedback!

We are working on this.

eson's picture

Thanks! An option to pin desired apps would also be great, in this nice app.

GiuliettaSW's picture

Thanks for your feedback! 

We are working on possible solutions, also together with jolla, and once we have something working, we will definitely release it :) 

GiuliettaSW's picture

Added donation button to openrepos page!

meneer's picture

Donating via Sailfish browser doesn't seem te work. Takes a regular firefox to do the job.

Anyway, thanks for listening to the community :)

GiuliettaSW's picture

Here we go! Quickbar ad-free! Please leave your feedback here.