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SailGrande is an unofficial client for Instagram.

Current features:

  • Show own feed with pictures/videos
  • Show current popular pictures/videos
  • Show pictures for a specific tag
  • A startpage containing a preview for all three of them (own feed, popular and tag posts)
  • Show details for a picture/video : Count of likes and comments and the most recent comments.
  • Watch videos
  • Like a picture/video or remove your previous like
  • Open user profiles
  • Show media feed for user
  • Follow/Unfollow users
  • Show own followers or followed users

There is no commenting and there is no upload feature yet.

You will need an existing account in Instagram, because you can not create a new one with the public instagram apis.

SailGrande on Jolla Together:

Public bugtracker: post issues, ideas and suggestions here.

Transifex translations:

Application versions: 
File harbour-sailgrande-0.5.2-1.armv7hl.rpm122.11 KB02/06/2015 - 00:54

- New landscape mode
- Added Chinese translation
- Added Spanish (Argentina) translation
- Updated translations

- Updated translations

- Improved about page, added donation links (yes I'm more than happy about donations :-) )
- Added cover action to refresh feeds
- Added user feed to view media of a specific user
- Fixed bug that still showed single picture on cover when already back on feedpage

- Updated translations

- Updated Finnish translation
- Updated Russian translation

- Added Catalan translation
- Added Czech (Czech Republic) translation
- Added Dutch (Netherlands) translation
- Added Finnish translation (~67%)
- Added French translation
- Added German translation
- Added Greek translation
- Added Italian (Italy) translation
- Added Russian translation
- Added Spanish translation
- Added Swedish (Sweden) translation
- Added Slovenian (Slovenia) translation (~81%)

- Added Followers and Following list to own profil
- Added Logout function
- Added more settings to customize the feeds page.

- Added Settings to customize StartScreen and Feeds
- You can now pin your often used tags, by using the pulleymenu when you are viewing a tag feed.
- Add a pinned tags page, that is visible, when you pin tags
- Choose a favorite tag by longpressing on a pinned tag
- Removed margins around images
- Some cover improvements
- Added refresh action to StartPage


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articice's picture

It's abandodned, if you want to use it - do a fork.

Malakay's picture

Same here. Oauth exception 400, client disabled

DarkTuring's picture

Client doesn't work shows client as been disabled during login

emchella's picture

I have the same problem


codeandcreate's picture

Can you compile i486 Version for Jolla Tablet?

foufoutos's picture

we need photo upload comments plz not only a insta reader

Triada's picture

Update to 0.4.2 and languages did not appear

forgrimm's picture

Which translation do you want to use? Which system language do you use? Currently translations are loaded automatically when the app starts, depending on the system language.

Triada's picture

And at the nexus 4 inscription are leaving

Russian language

Triada's picture

Rebooted, removed several times, and the language has changed :)

Mariusmssj's picture

Loving the app :) Great work

Ruslanowitsch's picture

Great, great work so far! Looks very good! Thanks! You will be appointed from sailor to officer!!! ;-)

olpe's picture

Thanks for the app!

TMavica's picture

add self user profile? so i can check who i following and who are my follower
and i can direct to their profile to see photo

forgrimm's picture

Yes, this will come for sure! :)

soheyl98's picture

It is able to port for MeeGo ???!!

forgrimm's picture

@soheyl98: should be easy to port. But currently I have my focus on pushing SailfishOS. Also I don't have experience in developing for MeeGo.

But maybe someone else wants to port it?

forgrimm's picture

Good news - There is already the first big update coming soon. Don't expect less then: video support, liking, user profiles and following users ;-)

forgrimm's picture

It's here - Version 0.2 landed. Enjoy. And yes, I'm happy to hear feedback! What's good so far, what's not so good?

TMavica's picture
forgrimm's picture

Like answered on tjc, I like this icon, but sadly instagram says, it is not allowed to use their icons in an unofficial client (icon):

The icon should be somehow different to state clearly that the client is not a official one.

NathanDotIt's picture

I'm working on it. It's the first time that i make an icon. It's simple, without using instagram icon. Give me some hour. Where i could send you?

forgrimm's picture

Cool - My mail is
Thank you!

NathanDotIt's picture

I just send to you the icon to your mail. I create it with ShadoWalker.

Hope you like it!

TMavica's picture

Maybe you go IRC find somebody help you make a new one

kormarun's picture

"SailGrande is an unofficial client for SailfishOS." Maybe you mean client for Instagram...

forgrimm's picture

Thanks, corrected ;-)