Opera Mobile Labs web browser

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The premium web experience for rich, interactive content on mobile devices.

A web browser ideal for fast network connections on your mobile (such as Wi-Fi or 3G). Opera Mobile is smooth, speedy, and it makes surfing the Web on a mobile device more fun and efficient than ever.

Opera Mobile is the ultimate browser when connected over Wi-Fi or wireless broadband.



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File operamobile-labs_12.1.1_armel.deb9.55 MB04/07/2019 - 22:51


smartblu9's picture

SSL certificates are too old (2012). Most of sites reject its requests.

In 2019, you MUST use Opera Mini 8.0 (2014):

- first install phoneME (JAVA VM)

- then copy the Opera Mini 8.0 files inside your /home/user directory (.jar, .jad, .desktop, .png)

qyvlik's picture

It can't use nature keyboard...A bit of regret....