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Note: this package contains only the zram kernel module. The zram devices will **NOT** be configured automatically. Install this package directly only if you know what you're doing, otherwise have a look at zramcfg.

This package is Jolla specific, do NOT install in other devices.

This is the zRAM kernel module, compiled directly from the Jolla kernel's source tree (+ some patches to make it work on ARM, as the zram version in Linux 3.4 runs only on x86).

zRAM permits to create compressed swap devices directly in the RAM, boosting performance on low memory conditions.


This module is compiled for the latest kernel in Sailfish 1.1.0 Uitukka.
Use legacy version for SailfishOS 1.0.8 Tahkalampi.

Source .spec file and build tips can be found in this GitHub repository.


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