iOS7 theme for Harmattan

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iOS 7 theme for Harmattan
I really like iOS7’s design. So I made a harmattan theme. Hopefully this will be the most full iOS7 theme out. Have a [reasonable] suggestion of something that should be added? Tell me :) Color themes are available on the forum page.
I am not responsible for damage this may cause. Install at your own risk.
MK99 - consultations (lock screen)
Ancelad - lots of consultations (a lot of things, wouldn’t of been possible without him)
Version 1.0, has most of the UI done fairly well. Some elements still need a bit of sprucing up. Icons are good. Some need to be changed. A few 3rd party icons are supplied in /meegotouch/icons/3rd party/. You need to install them yourself.

More screenshots at the thread.
Known Bugs:
Please do not bother me about these. I know about them and are going to fix them sometime.
- Terminal text spacing is horrible. I am not sure how to fix this. Use SSH.

- Some icons are not shown in the settings app. I know its horrible, I am still trying to figure out the names.

- Music player playlist has white text. Impossible to see. Don't know the tag to change it.
Download Info:
Font files are included in the deb file. The deb install will install a font folder in /home/user/MyDocs/Fonts. This contains the helvetica font. Using font manager in the app store, set Helvetica Neue Ultralight as the default font for all categories. THE FONT NEEDS TO BE INSTALLED FOR SOME ELEMENTS TO WORK CORRECTLY. Once the font is installed, apply the theme using the theme settings application of your choice.

Have fun :)

Application versions: 
File ios7theme_0.0.2_armel.deb13.26 MB19/12/2013 - 08:34
File ios7theme_0.0.1_armel.deb14.02 MB10/12/2013 - 14:39


  • Status bar now has black text and icons for better readability.
  • Color themes are now added and available via the thread on maemo forums
  • Home screen text is slightly larger
  • Some bugs in the music player are fixed
  • Nicer textedit popup
  • Contacts now have a round mask rather then a squircle
  • Slight modifications to the clock app
  • Some new icons in /icons/3rd party/
  • Fixed postinstall script, should not encounter errors on installation
  • Backgrounds should now work correctly without needing to apply with Home screen settings or N9 Quick Tweak


  • Initial release, most UI elements done.


tariqueanwer92's picture

Hi, sir i hv nokia n9 pr 1.3 and i enable devolor mood and install os7 theme and 1 day later i disable devolor mood and i uninstall devolor files also and than i load theme changer than i see os7 theme in theme changer than i apply os7 theme and my mob was nt in devolor mood and i hv already uninstall devoloper files. And after apply os7 theme my mob got boot and it is start and when i enter my pasword it boot again coz theme is nt running properly so hw i can change my theme sir if i change theme or i instal some devoloper file than my phn wil be start but i dnt knw how to do it so plz help me i request u sir and giv me ur mob num also if u like coz i wil cal u for help sir

nawjeetkanhye's picture

hello i wish to know how do you change the launcher app size icon from its original 80px to 96px

and also do you know how to resize the distance between the apps?

EDIT: your theme is awesome

osmingab85's picture

una buena actualizacion seria poder ver la llamada entrante y saliente como la del iphone..... Pero no se si se podra realizar eso depende de ti hermano.. Gracias de antemano por el gran aporte

DJJonosound's picture

Ah sí. Puedo empujar que en la nueva actualización. No será demasiado difícil. Hay algunas nuevas características en las obras!

osmingab85's picture

muy buen trabajo, pero la verdad no esta tan completo esperemos que lo mejoren ya que la competencia de temas esta reñida porque han salido muy buenos temas... gracias por el aporte

DJJonosound's picture

Gracias, si no es tan completa como la que le gustaría que estuviera, ¿qué le gustaría ver añadido? No estoy seguro de a dónde ir desde aquí. (Estoy utilizando el traductor de google)