Oranchelo icon theme

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Small theme from the Oranchelo icon theme.

Note: Only contain 19 icons. It's why I call it "small". I will probably add more over time. Look at the source for more information :)

Source: https://git.geno.is/root/harbour-themepack-oranchelo

To use it easily: https://openrepos.net/content/fravaccaro/ui-themer



Application versions: 
File harbour-themepack-oranchelo-0.0.1-1.noarch.rpm420.13 KB12/07/2018 - 14:31

- First build.


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Yep, I misspelled "star". Responded too fast. Shame on me ^^'

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Why do ppl vaule other ppl works with one star? If you dislike the icons don't install them :P

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We know who it is that is doing it. But it's not really a good enough reason to remove his account, but rest assured, we know who it is.

We are aware of a few accounts all doing the same thing, I believe these accounts are actually all one person. I also believe the same same person is also responsible for abusive and shitty remarks made on TJC.

You know who you are, we know who you are.

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I don't know who he is :P I had this kind of problem too in the past.

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Yes, it is the same person, this I can see by looking at your apps/patches that have been 'downvoted' on.

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Or at least say "why a one start" in the comments :P

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One star't'...? ;)

The user in question won't leave a comment as he is just being purely vindictive. In some cases, he leaves a positive comment and still only gives 1 star, which of course, makes no sense at all, so yeah, pure vindication and nothing else.