Newaita Icon theme

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Newaita icon theme port for Sailfish OS.

To use with the Theme pack support for Sailfish OS engine from fravaccaro 's repo.

The author of the icons got in touch with me and provided a new "Phone" icons, 3 personalised icons for sailfish OS (Storeman, SMS and GPSInfo), a dynclock and dyncal design. A big thank to him.

For the dynamic clock, you need to install DynClock dynamic clock icon package.

For the dynamic calendar, you need to install DynCal dynamic calendar icon package.

You may be interested in the UI Themer app to install it with more simplicity.

Icons from

Source of the RPM package:

Application versions: 

* Tue Oct 22 2019 0.0.9
- Updating dynclock icon.

* Tue Oct 22 2019 0.0.8
- Adding dyncal with holydays

* Tue Oct 19 2019 0.0.7
- Adding icons (communi, depecher,  Unplayer, VLC Remote, Tremotesf, Charge Monitor, Themes, UI Themer (...))

* Tue Oct 19 2019 0.0.6
- Ajusting folder icons. Adding dynclock.

* Tue Oct 18 2019 0.0.5
- Adding folder icons.

* Tue Oct 18 2019 0.0.4
- Adding 1 icon (Phone), modifying 3 icons. (SMS, Storeman and GPSInfo)

* Tue Oct 17 2019 0.0.3
- Adding 3 icons. (harbour-systemmonitor, harbour-recorder, toeterm)

* Tue Oct 11 2019 0.0.2
- Adding 6 icons. (jollacompass , file-browser, storeman, pure-maps, books and gpsinfo)

* Tue Oct 9 2019 0.0.1
- First build.


explit's picture

I love the Theme! Could you please add more icons for the "Must-Have-Apps" ? Thanks!

fravaccaro's picture

Hey, UI Themer now links to Storeman to search for themes. If you want your themes to be listed please add 'themepack' in your tags :)



carlosgonz's picture

nice storeman icon, almost pure sailfish layout except for the corners : )

dfstorm's picture

Thanks to the author. And yep it wasn't a sailfishOS theme to begin with. It's first an opendesktop icon theme.