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This app requires Light emitting TOH aka LeTOH from

Background notifications must be re-enabled manually from the app after each restart or version upgrade.


  • Pick any color using RGB sliders
  • Turn lights on and off from the cover page
  • Turn lights on by notifications
  • Animate lights with the selected animation


  • Q: Off / On from pull down menu or cover page does not have any effect after upgrading
    A: Restart the app and its background services (or restart the phone once)
  • Q: App does not work after downgrading from > 0.6 version to earlier version
    A: Delete /home/nemo/.config/harbour-pyletoh/harbour-pyletoh.cfg

Open sourced at:


- Fix: Survive issues caused by loose LeTOH connection


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Update: Bug fix release 0.6.5 should fix issue, which caused corrupted configuration and was only fixed by manually deleting the configuration file. Now the app resets configuration on a such error.

Power user tip: The app collects seen notification sources into configuration file /home/nemo/.config/harbour-pyletoh/harbour-pyletoh.cfg. It should be possible to manually define custom colors and animations for distinct notification sources by editing that file manually. (I have not had time to add that configuration into the user interface.)

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I have a couple of problems with PyLeTOH, and i thought i should share it here:

- After confirming a notification by pressing the app the originated from the LEDs do not go off but the notification disappears resulting in it beeing unable to turn the LEDs off by acknowledging the notification... After that i can only turn them off by opening the PyLeTOH app and closing it again.

- In some cases, when switching the LEDs off by using the pulley menu in PyLeTOH they cannot be turned on again until after a reboot. Tried with PyLeTOH app and Funky OtherHalf app, both remain unresponsive (e.g. no LEDs) untill reboot.

Using Sailfish and PyLeTOH 0.6.2

edit: Fun part is that after posting this i have not been able to reproduce this behavour :) I did however delete the config file in the mean time.


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I have latest SFOS version in use on my Jolla phone and i have some problems too.
One my old problem was that my TOH stop showing lights when touched to phone. After latest update
TOH was lighting both notification and Letoh app lights on same time. After that whole TOH don't want to
lighten up anyhow. I hope these things are only software problems. Else this TOH is expensive piece of

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Just want to check if anyone else have problem after upgrading to Mine seems not working after the upgrade... :(

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Very nice, works good! Thank you!

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Great program! Do you have any plan to develop calls notifications as well? Cheers

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Call notifications are next, once the other notifications work reliably. I just get so few calls that I had greater need for the other notifications ;-)

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thanks for nice program. notifications works fine, but also make new notification from every facebookmessage.

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The app should be only eavesdropping notifications, not duplicating them, so this side-effect is currently a mystery for me (yet, I can reproduce it myself). Technically, I'm not sure, if it's really a bug in pyLeTOH or in nemo QML bindings for d-bus. I created an issue for this at: