Patch: Lockscreen pulley at home

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Based on SailfishOS

Show the lockscreen pulldown menu in the switcher on the homescreen.


Not maintained anymore! Please open an issue on github if you are interested in maintaining this patch. 

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didilalalagon9's picture

Sad that it is not update any more I would realy apriciate it on

alina's picture

Can we have Quick Settings (i.e. events pulley) on home?

cornerman's picture

Good idea, but never really looked into it. I would assume that it should work similiar to this patch, but currently I won't have time to implement it :/

alina's picture

I tried either like what I did about quick settings on power menu, but no success.

gedeon's picture

I wanted to write the same. So can we have please? It would be marvelous!

Schturman's picture

Thanks for cool patch! But I have a small problem... I have Device lock activated (in 5 min) and if I do something in this time, for example work with filemanager, now if I want to swipe to another app I see the device lock screen and need to open device. I understand it work exactly like lockscreen, but maybe it possible to change this behavior on homescreen?

cornerman's picture

I thought, device lock would only apply, when the phone is locked for x minutes. So, I am not sure whether I understand your problem. You mean, that the the device lock triggers when working in an app for the specified timeframe?

babba22's picture

Hi! Great patch!! With the new release we are now able to put also quick actions in the lockscreen pulley menu, but they don't appear in home pulley... Could you give it a look? please =)

cornerman's picture

Yep, I updated it. Though for!

babba22's picture

Wow! Thank you =) now I just have to wait for official release xD

Ancelad's picture

Nice. BTW could you add this?

cornerman's picture

I like it, but not sure whether adding it to this package is the right way. Should we add a patch for this patch to add the silence toggle or maybe think of a more generic approach for adding elements to the lockscreen shortcuts? What do you think?

Ancelad's picture

I think you could merge this patch and add silence-toggle. What about this? I think it should have the following structure (Settings -> LockScreen):

  • two toggles - one will show pulley on homescreen and another for silence icon (also it may be separate for lockscreen and homescreen)
  • slider for shortcuts count
cornerman's picture

I think, it would be a good idea to merge all three lockscreen patches into one meta patch. Otherwise we duplicate logic across different repositories.