Patch: Browser History Swipes

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Only tested with SailfishOS and

Swipe URL in browser toolbar right/left in order to go back/forward in the history. Adds indicators on both sides of the toolbar to show whether you can go back resp. forward. The two buttons for history control are removed.

Currently very simplistic and only the URL is swipable.





- Vertical align and smaller size for history indicators



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Brilliant man :-) - reminds me of the gesture zone in WebOS ;-) - would be great if you could do a swipe option about the width of the url bar but for the lower third of the whole screen - that would be perfect as it would then be possible to go back and forward single handed ;-) - many thanks anyway :-) 

Btw: you should add some screenshots ....

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Good idea, I will think about adding an option for this. Though, not sure yet how to animate it or whether something else then the URL should be dragged then. Suggestions welcome!

edit: Screenshots...done :)

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well, I think just the url would be fine ...

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Any news here? 

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nice! I've been waiting something like this for a long time!
but can you make dots right in the middle? they're a little bit upper than they need

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Thanks for the feedback! I have uploaded a new version with proper vertical alignment and a bit smaller indicators.