Search engines manager

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Application for managing sailfish browser search engines

You can remove existing search engines

You can add new search engines by automatically opensearch resolver, just type search engine hostname.

If search engine can not be found automatically you can try to add by pasting url to opensearch xml file.




- compatible with 3.2.x
- Add pulldown menu to open browser settings


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This app doesn't seem to work with sailfish 3.2?

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weird bug in 3.2 dbus activation... will fix tomorrow.

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Hi @coderus! I've installed last version 1.0.5 but translation files are missing. Could you solve this issue? Thanks in advance ;)

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will fix it tomorrow

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Really nice! Let's see if I can spare some time to translate it to Finnish.

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Any chance of an x86 version? Ta

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Pretty cool !!

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Excellent! Because things like this is what the platform need.

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Спасибо большое!

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Nice App!
Is there a way to add Google and Google Scholar with different names to distinguish the services?

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Config xml files are located in 

You can carefully edit it