Patch: Unlock to last opened app

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Patch for switching to last opened app after unlocking

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File sailfishos-unlock-last-app-0.0.1-1.noarch.rpm3.65 KB17/12/2015 - 22:11
File sailfishos-unlock-last-app-0.0.2-1.noarch.rpm3.58 KB20/12/2015 - 03:32

Opening last tab only if uunlocked to homescreen, or unlock to events is disabled in settings

Fixed bug when unlocking by power key doublepress, but last app is not opening in this scenario yet.


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@coderus, the option is just half built, as it doesn't return to app from events only from lock... Really wish you would keep this patch running please

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what? no. system feature works as usual.

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Can you upgrade it to work with please? thx.

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why? afaik this feature now builtin in sfos :)

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Oh really, :D , I haven't checked yet, lol , I am foolish ... :D cheers for the info :)

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Thanks, this is great. There is only a slight problem: When waking up the device to directly go to the homescreen or last opened app (via double click on power button), the phone transitions to a blank page where only the background image is shown.

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Great! Coderus is providing everything we want Jolla guys to. :))

Edit: it doesn't work for me. :/

Edit++: It works only with power key locking. Or do I have something wrong?

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It works also with double tap to unlock and swipe from the right edge. At least for me. :)

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Great, thank you! Maybe if not a big problem, I think enough if works just from right side unlock.

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What you mean?

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I think enough if this patch works just from the right edge unlock. The left edge unlock stay with the events view...

And one other thing, I tried now to use with your Powermenu2 (I set to Double press (display off) - unblank, tkunlock, double-power-key) but unfortunatelly I got a blank screen. Is it possible to work this patch function with this unlock method? (This is just for faster reach my last active app with double power key action)

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hm i didnt tested it because i have devicelock, will check it later.

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Re, Did you thinking about the solution for the double press unlock compatibility?

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Sure, if i ever find a proper way to do it :)

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ok ;) .

Anyway, I used now with Enhanced lockscreen patch, and I can reach all existing screen and also the last app with 1 gesture, great! :)

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Ok, thanks, briliant!