Patch: Scramble lockpad buttons

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Patch available to install from Patchmanager 2.0. Updates for newer SailfishOS versions would be only available via web catalog. No new updates in openrepos rpm packages.


Devicelock patch for scrambling pin buttons

Patch working only on SailfishOS 2.0.2.x


Package for patchmanager:

Donations are welcome =)



Application versions: 

* Compatibility with SailfishOS 2.0.4.x and newer


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The Patch

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Probably my #1 patch I also miss most. Any chance to get this working in

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Sorry, my fault - should have tried Dev mode first... Appears to be working just fine on X2 Plus Dual-SIM!

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CODeRUS! First, really appreciate your work, especially this very patch... Would LOVE to have it working on! Maybe you could also get your other great patches up and running again? Willing to donate :) THANKS!

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Hi! Must have patch for me! Sadly, it fails to apply on, it was working with previous release and I'm using same patches as before

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Same here, +1 for having coderus look into this... Desperately needed!

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Hi Coderus,

I upgraded the phone to sailfishos and this patch failed to install.
​meaning activation of the patch is KO.
​could you check please ?

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It works great, but it has impact on the dialer.
Could you not scramble the dialer pad ?
I installed the patch to have the dialer by default when phone app is launched.