Patch: Eventsview notifications remove swipe

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Simple patch for removing notifications with swipe right action.

PAtch for SailfishOS

Patch is done in realtime during live streaming on


Donations are welcome =)

Application versions: 

Updated for v1.1.7.24


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Such usefulness. Any chance to get this running in SFOS 3...?

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I forked this on github and updated the req and tested it on latest SailfishOS Björnträsket seemingly without any issues. It worked as it should so you could probably update it.

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Thank you very much for such a useful links. Its a great learning experience for me.

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Thanks for the update, could you create a .rpm file so we can use it?

I'm not a dev and so I don't know how to use the source to package it :)

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Hello coderus...
u have done miracles for this community ...

please, i would like to write a similar patch, but i don't know where to start...

is there a tutorial or guideline you can give me its link??

all the best.

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you just need some qml knowledge. also you can try to understand something from this video:

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Thanks..  :)


That would Keep me busy for few days

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Great patch, thanks for that.

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Can't watch video after ?

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It will be uploaded later to

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Thanks ! I really want to see it.
Man who patch faster we ask .. !

Great work another time. Good patch.

Can you do another version adding left swipe too ?

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Not sure, maybe later.