Patch: Conversation background avatar

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Simple patch adding glass avatar to conversation background. You might need to killall jolla-messages after appying this patch.


Donations are welcome =)

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Added background for multiple recepient support


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Sadly it stoped working :( I can install it fine but with no exoected effect. I have this patch since the dorn of time, Im so atatched please when You will have some spare time to consider fixing it. Thanks for many great patchces and hope to see that one back

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Hi Coderus,

Possible to disable the glass avatar and to have clear pic.

Thank you,

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I get an error saying dep-resolution-failed. Do i need to install something else first?

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sure, you need to install Patchmanager first :)

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Thanks ! Totally forgot to reinstall that on the new phone :)

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Your my hero :-) donated again ... Please keep on doing your great work - keep on pushing the Jolla people forward ;-) 

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Thank you, this patch is amazing :)

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Great patch ! Thanks
Can it works with facebook avatar ?
It's working with google contact avatar and normal contact avatar for me.
EDIT : It's ok, just have to deselect and reselect in contact details !

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Another great patch!, this is very handy, thanks man!, love it! :)