OpenGApps Pico Installer

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OpenGApps Pico 4.4 ARM crafted from Intex Aqua Fish

Only for Jolla C

You need to reboot device after installation.

Removing this package will NOT remove google services.

Application versions: 
File opengapps-installer-1.0.0-20160726.armv7hl.rpm35.45 MB01/08/2016 - 20:48
File opengapps-installer-2.0.0-1.armv7hl.rpm49.93 MB26/04/2017 - 13:55

Crafted from Intex.


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Can update versuon

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Any similar instruction for Jolla tablet?? Anywhere?

The one in does not work anymore. Cannot even download the .rpm. There is no more the location of /opt/alien/system/priv-app in the tablet. Who knows what else is outdated in that instruction.

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are OpenGapps going to work on Sony FS5121 Xperia X ?

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I tried, and, sadly and obviously, it doesnt work on Xperia.

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Hello Andrey, is it possible to precompile this app for Harmattan?


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So I'm really new at fiddling with a phone.

I have a Aqua Fish that thinks it's a Jolla C thanks to codeus. Now I'm trying to fix Google Play but where do you put this installer at how do you run it?

thanks in advance


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For anyone having issues with the downloads not starting, here's how I got it to work:

So the store version that comes with this package seems to work for me but after it automatically updates to newer version, the downloads won't start anymore. So if you have the latest store version now, remove it and if the old store icon doesn't appear you may need to restart the phone or even install this package again and then restart the device. 

After that don't start Play Store yet. Create a directory called "" in /opt/alien/data/app/-directory. This prevents the update and you can continue using the older version and downloading the apps with it..

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This worked, thanks!

Some apps refuse to work though, as they require newer version of Play store.

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Is there guide how to actually remove Google Services? As stated, uninstalling this from Warehouse doensn't remove Google Services from device.

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Hello to all,
I too have the same difficulties: some kindly and please, could you tell us a correct and accurate procedure to work again?
Thank you! :-)

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sorry not really working here .. (uninstall>restart>install>restart) Google play still hangs with 'download pending' issue with Version 2.0.0-1

Also after multiple uninstall / install circuits, also after 'pkcon refresh' in Terminal.

now works fine. It displayed blank page instead of 'my apps', and next time seemed ok. So It's working here too now.

No, not working so far, just stops at 'download pending'. A uninstall reinstall will not help. A unsinstall plus Store install from Aptoide will not help. What's available on aptoide I can update via Aptoide.

A little 'howto' would be much appreciated!

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after installation and reboot Google play still can't download (download pending...)

P.S. Removed all and installed again, for now it work :)

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How do you "remove all" ?

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My app store can't load any updates anymore !? Should there be an updated version of the store itself ?

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I have the same problem. Play store is waiting to start dowloading for updates.

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I don't understand what you mean

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There are updates for already installed apps ("My Apps") waiting for install. When I click "Update all", nothing happens.

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Same thing. Download of an updated program never starts. Additionally when I disable wlan it says "waiting for wlan to start Download". Seems like Google has done something on the server side?

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who knows. this answer can't be ever answered.

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Is there maybe a solution or workaround? I made the mistake to handle this problem by uninstalling / installing Google Play. Now half of my Google applications cannot be installed. Google Play says: "Download pending..." and the applications are never installed.

Other apps like "Google Sheets" are installed successfully but they cannot be started. I get an "Update Google Play services" message. Clicking "OK" has the same effect: Google Play services cannot be updated, "Download pending...".

I would appreciate some help or clue for resolving this.

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UPDATE for my previous comment: Now I deleted the Android services, formatted my SD card, reinstalled "OpenGApps Pico Installer" then Installed all my apps one by one in Google Play (waiting each one to finish installing then installing the next one). I don't know what the problem was but now everything is working again. Maybe I was out of storage or something went wrong with bulk-installing the apps from Google Play (i.e. selecting several apps and installing them together).

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+1   Congratulations @coderus, great job !

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@coderus you are my hero. For days I was trying to copy apk in that nemo folder and nothing worked. And now this is so easy. Thank you very much. Now the German Public Transport Apps and Google Maps are running smooth on my Jolla.

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Version 20160828 seems doesn't work properly on jolla c: app's icon was missing after installation or upgrade

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I already tried uninstall aliendalvik and reinstall, then install opengapps, still no icon show
then i manual install phonesky.apk in priv-app, icon showed, but if I restart aliendalvik or reboot, the icondisappear again

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Today I got a notification on my phone from the "Android support" app that Google play was updated. Then I realized that I have two google play icons in my launcher. I uninstalled one of them that uninstalled Google play but the other stayed there with no function behind it (tapping on it no application is started). I had to remove it by hand. I think that "Auto-update apps" was enabled in Google Play and this caused the problem. Now I disabled it, let's see what happens on the next update of Google Play...

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After Google Play update you have two desktop icon in /usr/share/applications/: old icon (opengapps-playstore.desktop) and new icon (apkd_launcher_com_android_vending-com_android_vending_AssetBrowserActivity.desktop).

You have to delete old icon by terminal:

$ devel-su


# rm /usr/share/applications/opengapps-playstore.desktop

That's all!

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File Browser and FBRoot can also be used for this without root and command line.

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Thanks, this worked.