Aliendalvik Superuser

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OOnly for Jolla 1, not work on Jolla C or Intex Aqua Fish or any other device

Superuser is the app that manages what apps on your rooted device have access
to su. Apps that are granted su have elevated permissions and can modify just
about any part of the system. The app was originally written by zinx, and I
took it and made it much more useable. The app consists of two parts,
Superuser.apk and the su binary.

Superuser.apk runs as any other app and gives you, the user, a place to see
what apps you have allowed or denied, as well as view a log of what apps have
used su when.

The su binary is what other apps call when they need superuser rights. The
binary checks the database maintained by Superuser.apk to determine if you have
already granted rights to the requesting app. You must set "Preferences --> Security --> Multi-user mode" to "User controlled" to allow the Superuser.apk to manage Android apps (which request superuser rights) properly. (

Package contains Superuser apk and binary. Removing from launcher does not
remove su binary, you should uninstall package for full uninstallation.

This package obsoletes aliendalvik superuser binary package (

Donations are welcome =)

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File aliendalvik-superuser-3.3-1.armv7hl.rpm850.79 KB16/06/2014 - 16:09


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That's because this site is not for android phones. And i know nothing about android phones :)

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What? The screenshot above is from an android device, and the description mentions an apk file, which is an android app package...

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Great, works fine.

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works fine, no issues. Do as coderus says, change in settings to allow always (default is prompt)

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One addition to installation. If you are using KillDroid (or similar) and you have manually stopped android service, you have to run it first, before installation ;)

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I don't care if you're using some paranoid utilities. You should know all issues caused by it yourself ;)