Kids mode

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This is a patch and application that creates a kids mode. The patch modifies the launcher, eventsview, notifications and switcher code to allows the application to work. When kids mode is activated for a user only the configured applications can be seen in launcher and launched. Long press is disabled in launcher. In events view notifications are hidden and only the configured switches and actions are available in the pull down menu. Notification pop-upps are shown but can't be clicked. When the user exits kids modes then the normal user settings are restored. A pin can be set to exit kids mode.


- Multiple users can be created, each with own configuration for launcher and events view shortcuts.

- Can be activated and deactivated from the cover.

- Pin can be set to exit kids mode.


- Newly installed applications need to be unselected in settings otherwise they will show in kids mode.

- The pin is stored as plain text in dconf and so not secure.

- This may conflict with other patches of launcher, switcher, notifications or eventsview.

- If the launcher folders aren't restored try a home screen restart. If that doesn't work then copy files in /home/nemo/.config/kids-mode/masterBackUp to /home/nemo/.config/lipstick and restart home screen.

To-dos (time and ability permitting):

- Don't show newly installed applications in kids mode as default behaviour.

- User configurable notification settings.

- Look into whether running applications can be hidden instead of closed.

- User changeable kids-mode ambiences.



Thanks to all the translators and Zeta for advice on default language.

Application versions: 

- bug fix: now shows english text if translation is not available instead of the translation id.
- Added translations for Dutch, Dutch(Belgium), French, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish.
- First build


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Essential! As usual.

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Wow, this is cool, I must have this but if it conflicts with Launcher, Switcher and other patches you mentioned this might be a killer for me as i need those for my productivity. No way to make them work side by side?
Great work by the way this is a very useful feature indeed

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I've not really tested as I don't use those patches. let me know which patches you are using and I can take a look.

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Thanks a lot, I love the fact that you are willing to let me make full use of your patch.

I use this list of patfches

2 columns in quick actions sidebar

Launcher combined patches

Quick actions sidebar

These are the ones I feel would conflict with your work.

Thanks again for looking into it.

When I tested it yesterday it failed to hide the other icons on the launcher and also failed to hide my notifications, I think it has to do with those patches

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Very great Idea! Thanks for this work!