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Simple toggle to switch on/off the smartsearch process. Please notice that if you have changed the terminal password (default is rootme), you should correct the /home/user/smart_off/execroot script!! 

Application versions: 
File smartsearch-on-off_0.0.1_armel.deb28.95 KB13/01/2014 - 01:33


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The solution I prefer :

1) Delete /smartsearch folder in your /home/user folder

2) Decrease the priority of smartsearch process in /etc/meegotouch/themedeamonpriorities.conf:

 sudo vi themedeamonpriorities.conf
    Go to line 14: :14
    Add a line after cursor: o
    Key in this text: smartsearch = 10
    Escape the insertion mode: ESC
    Save and quit: :x

priority = 100

priority = 0

priority = -10

sysuid = 90
duihome = 80
meego-im-uiserver = 70
smartsearch = 10

3) reboot

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I prefer using QTweakAll app for decresing the priority of smartsearch (option KK then 7...)

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4% app would share?

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+1… that would be appreciated a lot…

EDIT: solution:

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thanks for the app, at least some ,one still makes apps for harmattan.