Patch: Swipe notifications to dismiss

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Obsolete with SFOS 2.1.4

(Work in progress. Not complete yet. However working)

Swipe notification popups to either side to dismiss


A horizontal swipe on a notification popup will make it go away and wait for you on Events view.

Requires patchmanager

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File sailfishos-patch-notification-dismiss-0.1-1.noarch.rpm3.06 KB01/02/2016 - 02:26

Very first release


Universebenzene's picture

Works fine on Sailfish X. Thanks :)

Ingvix's picture

I've been trying to improve this patch and I've got the notification moving but what ever I assign as just won't move past the left screen border though dragging it over right border works just fine. Any idea why is that and how to work around it?

Ingvix's picture

Just a thought but I think that depending on whether you swipe it left or right it could also remove the notificition completely and not leave it to the events view. Left flick would probably be the one to leave for waiting in events as that's where the events view usually is. Right to remove it entirely.

gedeon's picture

+1 , it is the best idea for this patch, + of course the animation :) .

coderus's picture

what is notification popup?

i tried to drag notification bubble on, but nothing happens.

alina's picture

Notifications are in two types, banner and popup. I mean the same bubble.

Move your finger horizontally on the bubble, as soon as you release, it will hide.

coderus's picture

emm but while i moving finger on it, it doesnt move.

alina's picture

Yeah, I made it fast and simple just to show it's possible. I haven't used states and animations yet. It enables the notification's own hiding animation, of course, on release (i.e. when you release your finger away from the notification bubble).

MoritzJT's picture

Maybe you could've marked it as WIP then ;-) I like the concept though - now that you teased me!