Patch: New message quick action

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Adds a quick action to create a new message.


Supports all languages on Jolla, using default translation files.

Requires patchmanager

Upon a request on TJC
Thanks @lakutalo for his idea to edit the dbus service.

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2.2.1-1: compatibility fix for SFOS 2.2.1
2016-01-15 - initial release


Malakay's picture

On Nurmonjoki there is some bug - it adds quick action, but after phone restart and reapplying patch Message app stucks at loading and then crashes. After removing patch it is working again flawlessly. Weird.

alina's picture

Please make sure to install the latest version. This bug is already solved.

Marold's picture

Thank You very much for this ! :D works great :)

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Thank you for your support. Your last motivation worked. :)