Patch: Launcher on device lock

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Merged with Patch: Security options

Enables Launcher on device lock with disabled edit mode.

Allows to open Launcher with a bottom edge swipe when device is locked, but keeps edit mode disabled to prevent removing or reordering apps. The lock code will be asked as soon as tapping on any icon.


This helps to have a consistent gesture to open apps, but shows the list of installed apps even if device is locked.

On 2.1.1 it will show up only if the gesture for camera is disabled.

Roadmap: Having gestures for both camera and launcher simultaneously.

Requires patchmanager

Source on GitHub. Donations are welcome ;)

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Application versions: 

0.3 - Compatibility update for SFOS 2.1.1 (will work when gesture for camera is disabled)
0.2 - Update for SFOS 2.0.4
0.1 - Initial release


naytsyrhc's picture

Any chance to see a new version compatible with new camera (2.1.1+) access from lockscreen (e.g. two-finger swipe activates launcher or 20% upward swipe activatea camera, 40% upward swipe activates launcher)? Would be awesome.

Skillmon's picture

Found a bug with latest SFOS (should include both and; confirmed on the latter).

With your Patch enabled I'm unable to access any folders of my launcher (launcher still accessable, apps outside of folders still start) and I cant rearrange my apps (long press doesn't do anything). Please fix this!

Kind regards

alina's picture

Yes, I know. Device lock module has changed and made problems with this patch and some other ones of mine. I've already fixed this. I'll publish it soon.

Skillmon's picture

Thanks for fast reply and upload!

subeditor's picture

On my Jolla (2.0) I have such an option without you patch.

giskard's picture

I can't find that option. Where is it?

alina's picture

There's no option for this. Launcher is accessible on the lock screen, but this patch enables it even when device is locked.