Comic Serif font pack

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Comic Serif font as a pack for Theme Pack Support by fravaccaro. Install it first or enable his repository. Without it this will be useless.
You can also install GUI for Theme Pack Support by Rikudou_Sennin

Includes only one variant: regular

Donations are welcome if you like it ;)

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File harbour-themepack-comicserif-0.1-1.noarch.rpm44.2 KB16/01/2016 - 04:47


itdoesntmatt's picture

i can understand that so much fonts pack could be annoying in the main page, so i find the new category solution very clever. thank you basil.

However i don't think this is the best way to solve little issue, since they are spending time on something that for somewhat (me included) could be useful and funny to use. So the appropriate civil comment could have been:

" thank you for your work, wich is always appreciated. However i have to say that it seems fonts packs are too much to be shown in main page since they hide all other apps. Could we manage to find a solution together?"


However i want to really thanks markkyboy and fravaccaro for them work, i am very glad to use the product of their efforts. you, as all guys who spend their time for all us, rocks.

We dont need only need people who develop big-main-complicated apps (of course they are much appreciated and loved) but we just need every kind of effort that could be produce something someone likes, dont we?

a huge hug to all and just enjoy your time being happy


coderus's picture

go to hell with your theme packs flooding openrepos

alina's picture

I can understand if someone has problems with the flood, but it doesn't make sense to degrade others' works. We all are in a community to make and share good things.

babba22's picture

Wrong guy =) Alina made only 4 font packs, the one you want to tell that is another

DameCENO's picture

Yes Coderus, alina isn't the bad guy here, Markkyboy is the one you are pissed at, and understandably

fravaccaro's picture

Please try to be respectful. We should be grateful to everybody who spends their time to make stuff for Sailfish OS.

Markkyboy's picture

Thank you, fravaccaro.

I realise it wasn't the best move to 'flood' Openrepos with the font packs, for that, I apologise to those who I have managed to unwittingly upset.

I shall, from now on, be very careful with what I submit to the repos. 

Regards, to all community members


Markkyboy's picture

Oh, nice, thanks Dame!....
So now I'm a bad guy for spending HOURS of MY TIME to produce stuff for others to use, fre of charge and now I';m the bad guy?, and what do you mean, UNDERSTANDABLY?

As for Coderus having a moan, GOOD!, now the fonts have a category of their own. So no need to whinge!.

Wow, unreal.......and I thought I was among grown ups here.

alina's picture

Your work is appreciated, Markkyboy. There is no bad guy here, we all are in the community to share good thing together. Seems others just want rooms to show their works on the main page, although I can't believe that we have a contest here for this.

At first, I became happy with the "fonts" category added but now the theme packs are somehow scattered among apps and fonts categories.