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Twittfix  fix native twitter client authentification. This package provide a fix for the native Harmattan Twitter. After applying this, you will be able to authentificate into Twitter With your Account.

1- Why it do not working anymore ?

Well... The native app use the OAuth 1 Authentification to grant acces to the app.


Twitter Auth Process

By sign-in with the App, according to twitter workflow, you need to provide an oauth_callback,

The only unique parameter in this request is oauth_callback, which must be a URL-encoded version of the URL you wish your user to be redirected to when they complete step 2. The remaining parameters are added by the OAuth signing process.

source :

2 - How it Fix

The callback url is call on the client side during auth process. No need to make a huge hack ! we only need to simulate that the callback URL return "TRUE" to the oauth2plugin (or succefull open an URL).

3 - But...

The stock twitter client do not show profile picture Anymore du to last API change. You will have to use it without seeing profile pics. And i am affraid to not be able to found a solution for this.

Application versions: 
File twittfix_1.0.4_armel.deb97.96 KB19/08/2015 - 17:26

twittfix (1.0.4) stable; urgency=low
* Remove logs and some dirty code...


skupyy's picture

I try an hour and still can not work it probably doing something wrong. Can someone please publish the YouTube video instructions and photographically or instructions (step by step), thank you very much

Alex237's picture

Unfortunaly my nokia n9 is dead, but you can find a solution here

It explain how to fix it

felix's picture

If the native twitter app annoys you cause it doesn't work right careful about doing apt-get purge twitter on the command line, I did that, it uninstalled twitter and bricked the phone! Needed complete flashing and re-installing. The native apps have to stay, otherwise you rip flesh out of the beast and it bleeds to death...

Alex237's picture

Hum, yes in some way is better to keep native app. you can find a solution here if you want to use this native app anyway

It explain how to fix it

Ayast's picture

Could you fix flickr authentication as well?

Alex237's picture

I would like to but i do not have nokia n9 for the moment.

Alex237's picture

If i found how to, yes. But first, finish to fix twitter as best i can :)

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thats cool! do you figured out why profile pictures buggy and will you enhance the patch with other bugfixes?

Alex237's picture

Profile picture will not work due to last API change. If i found how to fix It, i will put it on the next release :)

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nice. thanks!