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This app is actively under development.

Alpha version of the native SailfishOS client for the Miataru OpenSource location tracking service.

From v0.2-14 on, the location features should work proper.


For additional information and development state please refer to http://www.aheil.de/category/miataru/.

For further information on the Miataru service visit http://www.miataru.com.

Bugtracker and feature requests: https://github.com/aheil/miataru-sailfishos/issues

Known Issues (v0.2-16)

  • Communication with the Miataru server takes place only on the map page, location information is not updated in the background.
  • Most recent requests on the Debug Information page are only displayed when the Map was used before.
  • Accuracy on the Debug Information page is not displayed.
  • When upgrading from an earlier version, some settings (Server URL, Devices etc.) might get lost. This is due to an arrangement of the settings database from earlier version of the database.
  • The map indicators might overlap when providing common coordinates. While two or more devices are on close together, it might look on the map as there is only one device as the indicators on the map overlap.
  • With 0.2-16 a configurable server url was introduced. Onyl connection without SSL are supported. (i.e. use http://service.miataru.com instead of https://servicemiataru.com)


Miataru is a service developed and hosted by Daniel Kirstenpfad.

Icon design by Cyril Lintanff.

Application versions: 
File miataru-0.2-14.armv7hl.rpm112.26 KB26/07/2014 - 10:51
File miataru-0.2-15.armv7hl.rpm113.68 KB27/07/2014 - 01:43
File miataru-0.2-16.armv7hl.rpm113.67 KB08/08/2014 - 01:34

- fixed #1: added settings for data retention time and using it for update location requests