OrienteeringCompass (scaling added)

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Just some quick and dirty scaling added now Jolla brings proper compass support to Xperia X with the release of 2.2.1 Nurmonjoki.
Original version by vuorisalmi can be found in the Jolla store.

Orienteering compass application for the SailfishOS (Jolla).

Traditional compass for walking, hiking, orienteering etc. It is
like a regular hand-held compass and also allows you to change the
compass scale (360 degrees, 400 gradians or 6000 mils) and provides
an automatic or locked night mode (lights off when you are in the dark).

Orienteering compass was originally written for MeeGo/Nokia N9,
now re-written for SailfishOS.

Source code available in



Application versions: 
  • switch from Sensors to Location Sailjail permission as now working in SFOS
  • Added sailjail Sensors permission, new config location
  • Properly scale the settingspage
  • Fixes to make it work on 3.3.0 Rokua
  • Some optimisations for light ambiences
  • Scaling voor various devices added


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Have you ever thought of aarch64 edition?
Compass is one of those apps, which keep me still on 32bit with my XA2.

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It's already in the download list for quite some time.

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Hi, really strange bug on my Xperia 10. compass only updates if I tap the pause/unpause button on the tasks window. Any ideas why?

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No, I have read more stories about Xperia 10 and compass issues. But I do not have this device, so I can't say anything about this, other then it works okay on all the devices I have.

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From the Jolla releasenotes of Kvarken 4.1.0:

Xperia 10: Compass improved

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