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ShellEx is the GUI shell executor for Sailfish OS.

Core features are:
-run, save, label, sort and edit commands.
-you can run the commands in Fingerterm, inside the app with output page.
-copy output

Additional features:
-write to process stdin inside the app (does not work for passwords in ssh, su etc.)
-change font size of output, wrap/unwrap output
-start / stop commands, or run detached

Future features are:
-In app script support: setup parameters, GUI for giving parameters, default parameters.
-Hopefully UI patch which integrates the app into the events view

Note that careless commands might lead to data loss. Be aware that you and only you will be responsible of how you use this app.

For running commands as root (requires developer mode), I suggest installing sudo from mer-tools repository and adding privileges individually for each command you need. I do not recommend using nopasswd: all. Using "devel-su -c" works fine when ran in Fingerterm.

Licensed under 3-clause BSD.




Application versions: 
File harbour-shellex-0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm53.77 KB21/05/2014 - 20:32


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I just upgraded to 4.5, but my command doesn´t work. When i copy it directly to terminal, it works okay, can someone help please?

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Can't install on Volla phone :( Why? Is there any solution known?

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Ok, a got it with 'nemo ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /bin/mount' in sudoers file. Any better idea?

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@levone1 sorry for my late answer, I just saw your question ;)

The way I do it:

I made a file in /home/nemo/bin  with name xmountsd and I wrote in there:

sh -c "echo ROOT_PASS | devel-su -c  mount -o bind /home/nemo/mysd/Music/ /home/nemo/an
droid_storage/sdcard/ ; "

the dir "mysd" is a soft link ( ln -s ) from the SD directory /run/media/nemo/6ddcdd-34324234-234234-54545aff1eee

change the ROOT_PASS to your own.

At ShellEx I made a command xmountsdNOW  and command to run:


note that android support must be running in order to run propertly. The nice thing is that mount remains after restart of the android support, but you have to re-run it every time you restart your phone.

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@nas - I'm also using it to mount sd card to Android, but having trouble getting the right sudo syntax. Closest i got so far is output from sudo about no tty and no askpass... I can't remember what I did last time.

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guys, what commands do you use this app for ? I am using it for lunching shell scripts that do:

  • mounting with one click the micro SD to the android
  • after boot start 3 applications ( NetMon, ChargMon, SysMon )
  • running continusly a script to kill android apps that start themselfes when I start android support

let me know if you are intrested for any of these scripts

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Want to mount a drive with Shellex, so I don't have to do it manually in term every time, but you need to be root...' error. If I start w/ su, it shows spinner, waiting for auth, so I type pwd into 'input' field,  but auth fails. Any ideas? Thanks 

-edit - never mind, I had a typo. Working now...

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Works great, thanks!

Can we have a tablet version (i486) please?

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Well done. Really helpful.

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on 1.0.8 commenity-build for mako it doesn't work. A blank page is shown instead.