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A simple app that allows you to set the maximum volume available on your phone. 
It goes from 5% to 200%. Volume adjustment happens instantly.

Be aware high volumes might damage the speaker. Also keep in mind to adjust ring tone volume accordingly regarding the new maximum volume 
(This means if the slider is far right and you set maximum volume to 150% the ringtone will now go off at 150%)


Sourcecode can be found on github

Application versions: 
File harbour-maxvol-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm35.95 KB24/07/2015 - 21:12
File harbour-maxvol-0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm36.68 KB28/07/2015 - 14:45



rdomschk's picture

Hello, could you update this for SFOS - Thanks in advance

Marold's picture

Hello could You port it for Xperia X, sometimes it really needs more than 100% volume.

llelectronics's picture

Not planned for now as a higher volume on this device might too easily damage the speakers. 

articice's picture

Works perfectly on Jolla1, but doesn't on XPeria.

llelectronics's picture

It is only meant for the Jolla 1

Pohli's picture

Why not state this on the description page? Or can other users not see this app in Storeman etc.?

velox's picture

This application is great! Found some passive speakers in a drawer, 130% is perfect for those. Thanks!

olpe's picture

Can you upload i486 build of this?

Victorious's picture

OS Version stopped working (nothing changes). Before worked like a charm.

llelectronics's picture

Still works here on 

Can you elaborate on "nothing changes" ? What exactly did you test ?

Victorious's picture

Sorry for my bad english! I apply the changes increase the volume, but the latest firmware changes are not happening.

llelectronics's picture

I for example tried music files. 

When set volume to max in the player and then changing the maximum volume in maxvol it will increase the overall volume. 
What might have changed is the ringtone volume. That is now using apparently a different mixer and cannot be turned over 100% as it seems (or at least it will always show up until 100% in settings) 

Did you mean that ? 
If yes this is a limitation for now. 

Victorious's picture

I mean the overall volume. I used your program and volume increased steadily throughout the system, now change (increase) is not happening. I have to manually change the values in the file /etc/pulse/

llelectronics's picture

It works here. 

Though true that the sound mixers changed in a bit. So not every sound volume is raised. At least media apps (like Media Player and LLs Video Player) work fine here. They do not work for you with increased volume ? 

Victorious's picture

Alas ... I always manually changed values and exit your program everything became much easier, but with the program update - the volume system (Bell, music, etc.) does not change.

llelectronics's picture

Strange then. Is there any error message when started from terminal or ssh session ?

Victorious's picture

Ask your forgiveness! It was a system error, I did a full reset and program works perfectly!

lispy's picture

Great. Thanks for making the fix into an app. The autostart feature makes this a worthwile addition.

monkeyisland's picture

Ok first i have done.
But i dont know how to set an autostart service.
Must i set this in systemd/user folder
And how is the code?
Sorry i am not so good in coding

llelectronics's picture

As harbour rejected the app because they don't want to accept an app that has the slightest chance to break the speaker I enabled the autostart feature as Maxvol will be only available here on openrepos

llelectronics's picture

There is a .service file on github that you can use

It needs to be put in /etc/systemd/user/ directory and be enabled as root(devel-su) with systemctl-user enable harbour-maxvol

monkeyisland's picture

can anybody tell me how to set the volume to autostart?

llelectronics's picture

This is disabled in the code currently. 

Feel free to dig into the code to make it work. However first test by one user show that it might be buggy or not work like expected yet. 

In general editing /home/nemo/.config/harbour-maxvol/settings.ini and setting autostart to true and the desired volume and then creating an autostart entry which starts harbour-maxvol --autostart should be enough.