Search engines for Sailfish Browser

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Additional search engines for Sailfish Browser:

  • Baidu
  • DuckDuckGo
  • StartPage
  • Searx
  • ixquick
  • Swisscows
  • Ecosia


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Same result than Tchiiize on sailfish 4.3: the list remains the same.

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I installed this app but my search engines list is still the same, there is no addition :/.

Is this app this working ?


Thanks for your reply.

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Can you add please

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Please add MetaGer!

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+1: DuckDuckGo selected, opens Bing.

Using Qwant as a workaround.

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For me Duckduckgo worked after I chose it in the settings for the second time.

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Strangely, there is no updated candidate release against currently installed version 0.0.10-1

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+1 for ecosia!

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Hi coderus! Thank you for your help! I'm sorry I have lost my Jolla phone, but I think it will be useful for other users.

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Thanks a lot!

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Hi! Can you add please?

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Love this package, good stuff :)

Any chance of submitting this to Jolla Store's QA? Now installing this requires the user to enable untrusted software, but this should IMO be trusted :)


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no chance

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swisscows has renamed there service, they are found now under the domain

Could you please fix that? It's not time risk because the old domain is still online.

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No i won't replace/remove it until it works, added hulbee.

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thanks, great :)

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Great, whats about Seznam? Its the most popular search engine in Czech republic (the only country in Europe, where is no google dominance)

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thanks a lot for this
would it be possible to also add
probably by using ;)

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Nice work, many thanks for that :)

Could you please add the search engine Swisscows?

URL is

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I pick DuckDuckGo, but the browser still searches via Google. :(

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Brilliant! This has persuaded me to stick with the browser ......

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Thank you Coderus!


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Thank you for this app. Donated. 

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I use on my desktop, could u add this to Jolla browser?

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tried, but it somehow not working. need investigation o_O

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IxQuick doesn't appear here in the menu. I get 8 options: Baidu, Bing, Duckduckgo, Google, Searx, Startpage, Yahoo, Yandex (v 0.0.3-1)