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A markdown notes taking application with ownCloud/WebDav synchronization.
ownNotes is available for Meego Harmattan (Nokia n9, Nokia n950) and Sailfish OS. A Linux desktop version is currently in development.

Sources : Git Repository
Bug Tracker : Bug Tracker


  • Sync with ownCloud or other webdav server
  • Highlight some part of markdown syntax while editing : Title, bold, italics, link
  • File are stored as text file, so you can directly edit them in ownCloud or via a mounted webdav point and a text editor.
  • Upload a note to KhtCms or Scriptogr.am
  • Categories
  • Search
  • Available for multiple plateform : Sailfish OS, Harmattan, or Linux Desktop (still in alpha : package not available)
Application versions: 
File ownnotes_1.1.0_armel.deb529.38 KB07/10/2013 - 19:10
File ownnotes_1.2.0_armel.deb586.6 KB21/11/2013 - 01:48
File ownnotes_1.2.1_armel.deb587.48 KB23/11/2013 - 15:41
File ownnotes_1.2.2_armel.deb586.85 KB23/11/2013 - 16:31
File ownnotes_1.2.3_armel.deb590.07 KB23/11/2013 - 20:49

ownnotes (1.2.3) unstable; urgency=low

* Bump release version (as previous release didn\'t display right version)


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Hi @Khertan. I created a github pull request to fix the Sailfish version of ownNotes (the version here generates an error on sync for me) and add some improvements.

However, I see from the Issues on gitHub you're not supporting the Sailfish version right now. In this case, would you be happy for me to offer an updated Sailfish version from my own repo?

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posted a bugreport on github - no reply so far :-(


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Really usefull app!!! The only thing I'm missing is sharing notes with others... Like shoppinglists etc. Of course I can share files via owncloud, but they appear in shared folder which is not accessible with ownnotes


Thank you!


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The error is an error on raising the authorization error ... That s too much error :)

Thanks for reporting it. Will be fixed in 1.5.1.


The language of the apps is set to follow the system language.

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Running 1.5.0 on SailfishOS and on sync this error appears: sync error <type 'ExceptionsUnbound.LocalError'>:local variable 'err' referenced before assigment

I'm running my owncloud 6 on a vps. Is any additional config required?

(ps: thanks for mentioning my name as nl-translator ;), but I don't see where I can change language ;))


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Pss ... now that i ve a device, i confirm that 1.2.4 release is working :)

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Is that better with version 1.1.1 ?

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Now it complains about missing libc.so.6. I got this same problem with another app, I will try to find that out.

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Arg ... will be hard to understand what happen without any device ...

That s running in 586 vm emulator.

Could you launch with terminal and say me if some log error are reported ?

Thanks for your report

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Crashes on startup in Jolla atm.