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We love good pictures. When combined with the excellent screen of N9, the result is stunning. Daily Wallpaper automatically brings the best images from Flickr - one of the most popular photographer sites in the world - to your fingertips. Browse the latest popular wallpapers and pick a fresh one for your lockscreen or let Daily Wallpaper deliver you nice background images automatically.

Application developed by Artem Marchenko.

P.S.  my best ever lovely app ;-)




Application versions: 
File flickrwallpapersapp_1.1.0_armel.deb102.36 KB04/05/2015 - 12:51

flickrwallpapersapp (1.1.0) unstable; urgency=low * Now can rotate too wide images or cut the central part from them


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This is paid application (as of 2012 and later). You have to remove application, unless you have permission from author of this software. If permission is granted, feel free to reupload the deb.

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I asked author of this app :

"I found in internet on some webpage last version your app ;) 

Can I or You can do, put this wersion to reposytory on https://openrepos.net server in Werehouse download app"


"Sorry for late reply, Daniel

I hoped I will find time to check it out, but since I failed to find it by now, I probably won't.

I am not going to publish stuff I can't check myself and I won't have time to check it myself, so what do we do :/

Well, I don't mind if you publish it yourself and e.g. mention something from this discussion. Just don't make it look like I has actually approved the publishing. I just don't mind it hoping (but not being sure) the thing you are publishing is fine.


I also consent to the publication :) 

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I see. Feel free to re-upload the .deb file for this application.

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Thanks :)