Billy Bass

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Big Mouth Billy Bass

Speaks out your notifications (all of them) Uses Body, if it is empty, uses Summary.

Speaks also string entered by user.

If you missed what Billy bass said, cover action repeats last spoken string.

Language is set (at least tries to) according to your locale. Can be changed from pull-down menu.


Uses pulseaudio and espeak. libespeak built as shared library, included as private.

Sources are in my github, you should find them if interested.

This is my second step in bringing TTS to jolla, step 1 was scripting espeak from commandline.

Next step is a daemon with dbus interface.


NOTE: If pulldown menu gets stuck, there might have been race condition with ngfd. You'll need to kill ngfd from console (or reboot your phone) otherwise it will drain your battery in few minutes.


Disclaimers apply. Use at your own risk. If in doubt, uninstall before sailfish update.

Application versions: 
File harbour-billybass-0.0.11-1.armv7hl.rpm1.08 MB06/05/2015 - 22:51
File harbour-billybass-0.0.13-1.armv7hl.rpm1.29 MB09/05/2015 - 18:45
File harbour-billybass-0.0.15-1.armv7hl.rpm2.66 MB09/05/2015 - 21:51

0.0.15 : UTF-16, sounds more constant with chinese characters

0.0.14 : UTF-8, update speech data for cantonese and russian

0.0.13 : Bugfix, last notification also repeated from cover action

0.0.12 : Experimental automatic language detection for finnish, english, dutch, french, german, italian, spanish

0.0.11 : Voice variant selection, audio boost

0.0.10 : Default language detection improved

0.0.9 : Obey phone silent profile. Changing to silent also stops current synthesis. Icon courtesy by Moth.

0.0.7 : STFU coveraction (stops current synthesis, mutes notifications), threaded and queued

0.0.5 : pulldown to change language


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please upgrade ..

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Not supported by Sfos v4.x Dependency issue: '' (statefs has been deprecated long time ago)

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hi, how exactly does the installation go? Installed portaudio and espeak from warehouse. should pulseaudio be installed from somewhere too?

kimmoli's picture

Nothing else needs to be installed.

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the app doesn't say anything, so that's why i'm wondering what's missing. edit: sorry for messy text, I'm awfully sick with no voice, so I'm trying to have billy speak for me.

kimmoli's picture

strange, i just installed it on 'fresh' phone with and works out of the box.

You can run it as normal user from command-line, and check what it output there.


sample output to compare with here:

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no cantones voice??

kimmoli's picture

Try 0.0.14 -  i don't understand anything what it says

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Small bug: my device is set to French. However, BigMouth speaks English when language is set to default. Must set it to French manually.

Wishlist: what about an option for a female voice?

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Ok, noticed something like that too. Fixing some hanging issues first.

Will check are there hot-chick voices

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Mute has no effect on this app. So if it starts to speak out embarassing message during your lunch, only way to shutup is to lower volume from rocker. (or take out battery, or try to cover speakers with something)

You are not able to close the application while it speaks.

But, it is as annoying as what its named after :)

Working on these little things.

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And yes, if you have icon for me, please feel free to propose one.

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Using this one here (quite basic):

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Let's go... :-D