French Bépo Keyboard

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This keyboard is not supported anymore. In case there are any issues with installer, you are free to unpack the installation pack and fix those. In case you want to change the functionality, you are free to do that too. All source code is available with the keyboard. 

Custom French "ergonomic" (bépo) keyboard layout to SailfishOS. Download and install the package and keyboard layout will be ready to use.

Preferred installation method with Warehouse client to ensure dependency packages will be installed too. If installed manually, install latest keyboard-custom-common package first.

Change log:


  • SailfishOS compatibility update
    • enables layout automatically after install
  • Incompatible with SailfishOS releases older than 1.0.4.x
    • won't install on older releases


  • Missing symbols quote (’) and ellipsis (…) added. Both available as alts for (K) and with long press of (K)
  • Last release for SailfishOS and older


  • New keys to end of first (W) and second (Ç) row based on feedback


  • Initial version
  • French text prediction
Application versions: 
File keyboard-custom-fr-bepo-0.1-3.armv7hl.rpm3.92 KB13/03/2014 - 05:33
File keyboard-custom-fr-bepo-0.1-4.armv7hl.rpm4.11 KB19/03/2014 - 23:10


objectifnul's picture

Anyone using bepo keyboard successfully with Sailfish v.

Penguin's picture

No, it does not work. I'll fix that when I have fixed emoji first. I am currently having hardware issues and thus it may take a while. I will also check if that dictionary issue could be fixed.

vbregier's picture

Hi, any progress on this issue ?

I really miss my bépo mapping on jolla phone…

mala's picture

Thank you for this mapping;

My only problem is the lack of dictionary in this keyboard.
Is it possible to select a dictionary (French) with this keyboard?

vbregier's picture

Thank you for this mapping;

But you are missing [W] key, so this mapping is not usable…
[W] key is next to [Z] (in place of []] on qwerty keyboard).

If there is not enough place on the first row, [W] should at least be accessible with a long press on [Z].
Another option could be to remove [È], which is already accessible with a long-press on [E].
You already did the same for [À] and [Ç]…

Penguin's picture

Hi, thanks for this very valuable feedback! I will pass this feedback to person who created this layout and look with him a solution to this.

Edit: actually W is under long press V, but new version will follow